Is our family a REASON to keep going?

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Hello friends of Project Hope I hope you are feeling very well and that you have an excellent week.

Today I want to talk to you about a very important topic at least for me. THE FAMILY, is our family a fundamental pillar to move forward and meet our goals? what do you think?




For me it is a topic that I think will touch the feelings of everyone, especially in this time of pandemic and immigrants, I am one of them and I think that in large part is our family that keeps us up, many times in our lives events occur that leave us without desire or without courage to continue fighting for our goals, but thinking about what will happen to them if we do not continue to fight is what often makes us wake up and stay focused.

For human beings, their family environment is very important, obviously I know that there are exceptions, but generally we always want the approval of our closest relatives in our decisions, mainly that of our mother and father. Which seems very normal to me.

By this I do not mean that we should always expect a positive response from our parents in order to embark on a journey or make a decision, I am only saying that we would almost always like to hear some advice or a word of guidance in those moments of doubt.



Our family will always be fundamental for the growth of any person, or at least the most adequate, growing up in a good family environment will determine many things in our personality for example, as well as in the psychological and why not, in the physical. For society the family is a fundamental pillar, obviously always with the mentality of the perfect family, which we know does not exist. Nobody is perfect and much less a family environment, or at least I think so.

All families have their defects, their problems, but the important thing is to be able to solve them together, many times those problems are not correctable, we lose family members because of problems that go beyond that, but in spite of that they will always create an empty space in us.

Today, with everything that is happening in the world, it seems to me that the contact with our loved ones has taken a lot more out of us. We have been able to realize other things that we had forgotten or that we did not know, such as how important it is to spend time with our family, to talk with our mother or to have a coffee with our sister.



Particularly for me FAMILY is a very special part of all of us, there will always be a space for them and their words of encouragement and advice will always be needed in a difficult situation.

My mother and my sister are a fundamental part of my life as well as my partner, they are my 3 pillars and without them everything would be much more difficult. Without a doubt I can say that they are part of my reasons for moving forward! :)

Thanks for reading me!

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The family is you, without your family you are nothing. So in a nutshell, the family is the pillar holding us together.

Greetings dear @franyeligonzalez, if you doubt our families are fundamental pillars in our lives. In my particular case my wife, my mother and my children are a source of inspiration for me, they make me give my best in these difficult times that we live.

So long, my friend, have a great week!

Hello friend, thanks for your words, I'm happy for you and your family! Greetings!

For human beings, their family environment is very important, obviously I know that there are exceptions, but generally we always want the approval of our closest relatives in our decisions, mainly that of our mother and father. Which seems very normal to me.

in my family this thing is same. for example if i want something then discuss it first with family. first my father and mother approve and then other members then i can go for it. AnyWay such a nice post you have shared.. keep sharing

Hi friend hehehe you are right! Thanks for your words!

A United family will push us to always push us to move forward and regularly try out new things.

Hello friend, wise words, I agree!

Having a sense of belonging is important to be motivated, to move on, feel part of a family, and in this sense I am very happy to be part of this great family of @project.hope and my family who are my friends and all the people I love, or the family is not only those who carry our blood; s rather, those who motivate us and make our lives better

Hello friend, I am very happy for you, thanks for your words! We are all family.

Greetings @franyeligonzalez, definitely the family is the fundamental pillar of our society. Our family has a strong influence on our personality, and without a doubt that one of the main motivations when we take new paths and keeps us on our feet in difficulties.

Hello friend, that's right, I think family is a very important part of our being!

Good article, the family is who gives us motivation in difficult times is nice to know that you are not alone in the world and that the family will be with you always.

Hi friend, that's right, I think family is a part of us!

The topic got me and yes, family is everything with a good family we feel loved and accepted.

In most cases, family is everything to a lot of people and when i say family, it does not have to be related by blood. Family are people who are close to you support you, and wants the best for you. At this point, Family is a good reason to keep going.

Greetings dear @franyeligonzalez, it is always a pleasure to be able to read your wonderful articles, in this opportunity you share a content of great value for all of us since like you I think that the family is our fundamental pillar in our lives, reason why I emphasize the following:

For human beings their family environment is very important, obviously I know there are exceptions, but in general we always want the approval of our closest relatives in our decisions, mainly that of our mother and father. What seems very normal to me.

That is right because even though we are growing up and becoming adults we always try to seek advice from our parents and older siblings or our partner, as they are people who want the best for us, and there are times when it seems that we lose our strength to continue our struggle but they certainly motivate us to keep going.

Thank you, my friend, for sharing these topics that are so essential to all of us. Successes.

Great post, @franyeligonzalez.

Family is one of my main pillars to move forward in search of what I believe is best for me (and for them too).

Hello friend, I think it's excellent! Thanks for coming by.

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