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Hey, guys, how you doing? Today I want to talk about a very interesting topic in my opinion, it's about the different realities in society today. As we all know the world is going through economic chaos, many countries are bankrupt or rather financially unbalanced.

I want to talk specifically about these Latin countries as it is from them that I know many realities.



Today with the quarantine many people have been affected, either because they became unemployed, because their businesses no longer sell the same or because they were victims of the virus. The truth is that in general we have been affected in one way or another.

All of this has led to increased levels of crime, violence, stress, anxiety levels, depression, suicides, and of course unemployment. These are states that few talk about but for most people they are a reality. Mental illnesses are present in many families, many try to cover the sun with a finger but the reality is different.



Many have had to go out into the streets to sell candy, bags, food, and even their own bodies in order to bring home some money. For others it is very easy to simply criticize because they do not share the same thought, but the truth is that hunger makes you do many things. In Venezuela in particular there are people dying of hunger, cases of malnutrition are very high in a large part of the population.

Not to mention crime, which is our daily bread. I don't justify it obviously but I don't share it either. Of course, there are those who do it for work and then there are those who do it out of real need. Sometimes it's better to think what that person went through to get there, or what his current situation will be that he was forced to steal for example.

There are many realities that we don't know...



An example of this is the explosion that happened recently in Colombia, specifically in the old town community, many will think that these people were doing there, because they were stealing this gasoline, some will see it as vandalism, but someone has asked how these people live? How do these people live? Do they have work, water, electricity, food? SURELY NOT!

I return and repeat that I do not justify an act like this, but I can understand that in a situation of hunger and desperation to have to feed a family a person is capable of doing such a thing. The situation here in Colombia is not easy either, there is too much poverty and unemployment, you can see that I am in the capital and I don't want to imagine what it will be like in rural areas.

For that and many other reasons I think it is best to inform ourselves before criticizing a situation or a person, since we do not know their realities.

Thanks for reading me!!

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Estos temas me mueven y remueven. Una realidad que pareciese
no percibirse.
Un abrazo graaande

Thank you for your words, my friend! :)

People are really suffering and the pandemic has created more room for people to suffer the more, old and helpless people whose children have bee fired do not have any help from anywhere any longer.

@franyeligonzalez first of all very nice article no it is not possible we all have different kind of realities , but the main cause of that realities is same the covid-19 situation. Currently we are all facing this situation , we need to figure out how to deal with it without affecting.

Yes, you are quite right, the truth is that we all live in different realities and no one can judge anyone!

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Hi @franyeligonzalez
I agree with you, there are very marked differences in the realities of each person, far from justifying any vandalic act, I respect the situation or reasons for what they have done.
Excellent post, thanks for sharing.

Hello friend, we are not really anyone to judge others and even less if we don't know what their real reasons were! Thanks for coming by!

I really liked reading this article, I agree with you, in our country food and water supplies are worrying, and even more in this pandemic situation, it is not to be neglected. We already had many problems, electricity, water, security, in fact if you go to the country's interior you can see an incredible decline, we return to the country of crops at home, to horseback transport and to the water systems of grounds.

I agree with you, thanks for commenting!

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Muchas gracias por el apoyo!!

yes it is so true that reality differ from person to person
In the current situation when there is so much stress and lack of opportunity one finds the rich have less to worry about than the poor and not so rich.
The factory owner who has a lot of money can still survive but what about the factory worker who lives on his weekly or monthly wage? things are really difficult for him

Yes friend, you are absolutely right, that is what many people do not understand, especially those who are financially stable because they have never had needs!

the situation is very difficult in Colombia, I know from several friends who live there and he tells me and poverty increases daily and with all this the virus becomes more acute the situation, hopefully you are different Latin American realities be overcome soon,we need it

Hello friend, yes I hope that happens soon too, especially with my beloved Venezuela! Greetings!

Hi @franyeligonzalez. This pandemic has revealed the flaws of our economies which are based only on profit and on the ruthless competition that leads to underpaying and not protecting workers. Already before Covid there were unemployment problems and entire sectors in crisis in most countries of the world. The lockdown was the coup de grace. Hunger leads to do anything, it is our survival instinct. Before judging, we should put ourselves in the shoes of those who are so desperate to steal and think about how we would behave in the same situation. It's a bad time and I have no idea how we will get out of it, certainly all poorer than before.

I loved your comment, you are very right, they are situations and before judging we must analyze why, today many people are passing needs and it is very easy to criticize before putting themselves in the place of others!

 6 months ago 

I didn't hear from you in a long while @mikitaly

good to still have you around

Hi Piotr, it's true it's a bit that I don't publish, but I always take a look in the community to leave some comments.😜

It is very interesting your article, it is not easy to live under those circumstances I know because what I have lived in flesh (not knowing if you eat or not, that your child tells you I am hungry and not have to give) is another reality that is not possible to understand in depth if you do not live, in my opinion "poverty is the greatest form of cruelty against human beings" but it is also true that if there are ways out there if the person seeks to do.

Hello friend, thank you for your words, you are absolutely right it is not easy to understand a situation like that but you live in your own flesh! But I hope you were able to get out of such a bad situation, as you say we have options, you just have to know how to choose the best one. Thank you for commenting!

The pandemic just showed the difference between the wealth gap of the rich and the poor. The pandemic made the rich richer and the poor either poorer or dead. This plight is being faced in many nations and among several sets of people and if the economy of the country is plagued due to bad and corrupt leaders, then it becomes more evident to the lower class citizens.

You are absolutely right my friend, I agree with you, unfortunately it is the lower class who suffer the consequences of the acts of others!

 6 months ago 

Hi @franyeligonzalez

Finally I've found some time to catch up and read few previously bookmarked posts.

Very catchy title. Got my attention right away :) Sometimes I'm wondering if our life is real. If we indeed exist in physical form or if we're all perhaps part of some "simulation". Where everyones reality can be different from other person.
I guess those thoughts can invade our minds when we spent to much time on our laptops. Following C19 lockdowns, hardly seeing outside world ...

Many have had to go out into the streets to sell candy, bags, food, and even their own bodies in order to bring home some money.
In Venezuela in particular there are people dying of hunger, cases of malnutrition are very high in a large part of the population.

Sad reality :( Obviously you do not mean that and you're focusing on our economic realities ....

It's easy to sit in front of laptop in developed european country. However, several times I was wondering if I would ever be capable of actually eating human flesh if I were really starving. How far could I go to provide for my family. Would I be able to kill in order to feed those I care about?

Thanks for reading me!!

Solid read. Upvoted already.
Yours, Piotr

Hello friend piotr happy to have you here in my publication, good that you already caught up, that makes me happy. I think many of us don't know what we are capable of, what we can do in certain circumstances, the human being to survive is capable of doing many things and surely would be able to kill to keep his own alive! Greetings!

Unfortunately our world lives in different realities and only a few people are aware of that. Especially developed countries where people live and complain in their amazing houses.

I guess it is human nature to always want more and better but sometimes having in mind that many millions don´t even have food and clean water wouldn't hurt...

You are quite right that few people are aware of other realities, it is sad because if it were the opposite perhaps many would want to help!

Hello @frayelisgonzales a pleasure to greet you, you touch a very controversial point for many Latin American countries, it is true what the friend @mikitaly thinks when she indicates that the weaknesses of the different political systems have been exposed, in Venezuela the pandemic has intensified the difficult financial situation it is going through, this type of platforms have become an employment alternative for many professionals, this situation has awakened the creativity of many, Let us hope that many innovative things will come out of the crisis from all Latin American citizens. I liked reading you, goodbye!

Hello thank you very much for your words, you are right to say that all this has encouraged people to look for other options!

Even before the lockdown started, some people aren't really living a comfortable life in the first place even though they manage to feed themselves twice or once a day.. How do the government expect those people to cope during the pandemic period? I think this was what led to the Colombians bursting or rigging their pipelines for extraction of gasoline just to sell since they could make some money bucks from it even though it's a very good price idea.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💕💕💖

You are absolutely right, the government only thinks about getting rich and making a profit, it does not think about the poorest and neediest class.

This pandemic has generated total chaos @franyeligonzalez
I will never stop saying that we are lucky to have what we have, I don't want to say that it is too much or too little, because that would be entering into comparisons, and it is not good.
But being on this platform is a blessing, all things considered.
There are many realities, difficult ones, we know. And there is not much we can do, more than collaborate with some, but we can not help everyone.
Excellent publication.

Thank you @josevas217 very much for your words!

I think there's a little of everything in this business, what do I mean by that? When we look at this question:

IS YOUR REALITY THE SAME AS MINE? We all have different realities, however there are realities that are shared, the situation of our Latin American countries makes us have a shared reality and it is no more than the hunger and misery to which a part of its inhabitants are subjected.

Thank you for sharing such an important analysis, my friend. Greetings.

You're right, friend, many Latin countries share that same reality, it's sad but that's how it is!

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