Hello dear friends, a pleasure to be with you again. Today I want to talk about a subject that interests us all, GETTING SUCCESS, here I bring you some keys that I have been studying and I think are necessary to achieve and attain all our GOALS IN LIFE.

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YOUR IDEAS, whenever you have an idea you must carry it out, don't wait for others to make it a reality for you. Whenever you want to do something, do it, the only thing you need is what you have in your hands. Sometimes we think I can not start a business because I need a lot of capital or because I do not have an ideal space, simply start with what you have around you, the rest will happen along the way. If you focus you can attract what you want to achieve, you just have to start.

BELIEVE, when you believe in what you can achieve it will simply happen, the more you get involved the faster it can become a reality. If we believe in what we think we can do we will never give up and we will always move forward, despite adversity and despite all the mistakes or failures we have. Our THOUGHTS ARE POWERFUL, SO EVERYTHING WE THINK WE WILL ATTRACT.

FEAR, we must learn to face that fear, if we don't, fear will always paralyze us. We must get out of our comfort zone, living in fear is the worst thing we can do, so we must be brave and get new knowledge, if we go out and we are in contact with things or with new people surely our knowledge will be much broader.



KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, I think that sometimes we ourselves do not know what we want to achieve, I remember that at some point I felt like that, I did not know where I wanted to go, where I wanted to go, so I think this is the first thing we should keep in mind. It would be a little complicated to reach success if we do not know what we want to do or what we love to do, that is why many people are lost and do not manage to obtain or generate good profits but the opposite.

Patience, many of us want things to happen overnight, but that is not reality, whenever we have an idea we must know that this idea can take us years to make it happen or at least to the level we want. That is the reason why we must be PATIENT, everything takes time, for a plant to bloom we must wait a certain amount of days, the same happens with those ideas in our mind.



Today I wanted to talk a little about success because I think we all want to achieve it, obviously the meaning is not the same for everyone, but it is something we always have in mind. A few days ago I listened to an interview where they mentioned certain rules to achieve it and I wanted to share them with you. This will be the first part, so I will see you later with the rest of the strategies.

Best regards to all of you and I hope you can put them into practice.

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hello @franyeligonzalez,
One of the things I see very often in the people I meet is a lack of clarity in the things they want, it's amazing how you ask people in their thirties what they want, and they don't know how to tell you what they hope to achieve in life, not to mention that in everything they do they want immediate results.

Hello friend, sometimes we don't even know what we want to do. Greetings!

Hello friend, sometimes
We don't even know what we
Want to do. Greetings!

                 - franyeligonzalez

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Hello @franyeligonzalez, I believe that the first internal enemy of our possible success is "fear", many people stop "growing financially" or stop "pursuing their dreams" for fear of the unknown, fear in nature and we must know how to cope or overcome it when necessary.

Secondly, I think that patience is essential in any undertaking and in any situation, we must always wait patiently to see how things are evolving and thus correct deviations and make better decisions.

Thanks for this wonderful post.

Hello dear friend, thank you for your comment, I agree with you. Greetings!

Greetings friend @franyeligonzalez, very important keys, many times we do not trust our ideas or we are afraid to leave that comfort zone that keeps us safe but very limited, no doubt we must believe in our abilities, develop a plan with clear objectives, and yes, patience with a good dose of perseverance, because things do not happen by themselves or fast.

Hello dear friend, thank you for your comment. It is the truth. Greetings!

If you have believe in yourself you will always get success in your work and life. If fear overcome you , it will not help you achieve all your goal as you will be scary to do anything for your betterment.

Hello friend, thank you for your words!

These are indeed the essential ingredients required for success most especially when you have that great and convincing believe or confidence

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕♥️❤️

Hola amiga, thank you for your words!

"Conoce lo que quieres", tal como lo dices, suena fácil, más sin embargo cuesta sincerarnos y saber que es lo que realmente nos hace felices.

Lindas 🤩 herramientas las que nos traes

Hola amiga, good to see you here, greetings!

Getting rid of fear, staying patient amidst the tides, these aren't easy at all. It takes self discipline and a good amount of peserverance.

That's right my friend, thanks for commenting!

Hi dear @franyeligonzalez

whenever you have an idea you must carry it out, don't wait for others to make it a reality for you

Your advice is excellent, we cannot leave things in thoughts in ideas, we must materialize them we must try is the only way to be successful.

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Hello friend @franyeligonzalez. Undoubtedly one of the things that stop us the most are our fears, sometimes fears of failure, when not doing something out of fear is already a defeat.

That's right friend, thank you for your comment!

Hi @franyeligonzalez
Of all the above, I want to highlight two things, which seem to me transcendental. One, fears, they are a piece of crap that are useless if what we want is to move forward, but, we must face them and demolish them.
Second, patience, without this nothing will be possible, because everything takes time, it is necessary that we always keep this in mind, to be able to give the time that each thing deserves and not to despair.

Hello dear friend, thank you for your words, I agree with it. Greetings!

Good evening. I very much agree with the theme of putting ideas into action. Attempts must be made, regardless of the personal doubts or disbelief of others. Great inventions have resulted from it and without going that far many people have solved problems by taking care of and giving shape to their ideas and projects. Thank you very much.

Hello friend, thank you for your comment! Best regards!

These are very strong virtues that will definitely help anyone in their journey of success. Patience is actually really important as we strive towards goals and the accomplishment of our dreams.