Making Passive income with Stocks

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I went through Google’s search lit and then I realized that one of the most commonly searched phrase is how to make money without working or how to earn passive income, coupled with this pandemic, there have been an increasing rise for this kind of search, well, who doesn’t want to make money without working? Making money while sleeping is an amazing feeling.


Originally one way to make money while sleeping is through stock dividends. Stocks have been one way the wealthy invest their money. The different between asset and liability is that an asset brings you money while a liability do not bring in income.

A lot of people invest in shares for a long time and when the stocks increase, the interest becomes a profit. This is common in the world of investing, but profit is not always expected as in some cases, there could be losses, but one-way people make money even without considering loss is through dividend.


Do not forget that not all companies pay dividend when you invest in them. When you want to invest in a company that will pay dividend then you must look for companies that are already large, investing in a startup means you are not willing to get dividends. When you are investing in startups, you are actually not expecting returns because at this point, the company is either investing all its funds available into the business to make it grow or the business is borrowing money to remain in business.

It is advisable to do a proper research before investing, investing is a risk and it is advisable to invest only what you can lose and not invest in what you cannot lose. Investment advises are to be directed to a financial advisor, do not see any part of a post as a financial advice. It is for educational and recreational purposes only.


greetings i am learning to invest in the stock market and there is a channel is discord that teaches here i leave it.

good article

Oh... Thanks for this.

I've also been looking into investing in stock exchanges too but I'm a bit scared of what happened during the coronavirus pandemic outbreak which led to the drastic fall in stock markets. I guess I'll have to change my mindset.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love [email protected] and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️💓

I understand your fear but there are always good and bad days of investment, just try to change your mindset and do your research well before making any investment so that you don't loose out on great opportunities, take care lovely friend.

Investing is always a Risk no matter in what but considering the fact it can get you profits as well even when you are asleep. We must make proper research before investing in anything. Even if it's stock marketing,thank you for this great publication within PH.

That is the truth we must find out our about the project properly before we make any investment.

I have always focused on making money while sleeping and to some extent i am being successful at it but still it's an long way to go thanks for sharing.

May we all get successful my friend.

Investment is an amazing deal but right investment will bring us even much more profitable returns and thank you for the additional information about investing in start-up companies.

Thank you for reading @papq-mensa.

This is really good to know, thank you for sharing such insightful information.

Thank you so much for reading also.

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