The Amazon Way of Making you Buy More than you Want

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From dominating just 12% of the US market to about 70% of the same market, it is no doubt that Amazon truly has a way of getting people to buy goods. Amazon currently is a trillion-dollar company which make Jeff Bezos the riches man on earth and there is surely some psychological effect the company has been using to get users buy goods on impulse without planning for the purchase.


Have you noticed that when you buy a camera worth $2000 on Amazon, you start to see other accessories that are compatible with your camera like a retort stand for $300, a designer camera bag for $50, and other things. This method isn’t new, it is called the contrast bias and it has been used long ago before online shopping. The contrast bias is the reason why you do not buy an extra tire before buying a car (you are never told the price of a tire If you are not buying a car). You are not asked to buy a phone accessory on your first entrance into a phone store, rather you are implored to buy a phone and you are told the price of the phone after buying the main property which is the phone, then you can be convinced to buy the phone accessories. This is what Amazon do, they give you other product related to what you just bought or added to your cart thereby increases the chances of you purchasing them.

Using Videos description or informercials. It is true that people consume videos faster and can understand what they want to get when they see videos than when they are reading descriptions and Amazon uses informercials to get more buying.


Every company should think of improving customer’s satisfaction and part of the way to do this is speedy delivery but for Amazon, they aren’t doing this rather people are paying for services that will enable them to get their products fasters. The company now added other features making the prime service worth its essence and thereby allowing people to purchase more. Also, with Amazon Prime you pay for the service which makes buyers want to buy from a store where already invested their money for certain benefits instead of buying from competitors.

Amazon does a lot of filtering and getting what you really want since they use data from customers for sales purposes and so when you see that Amazon shows you a phone you have been searching online on different sites for, it is because Amazon uses the data to determine customer behavior and choices.


I must commend Amazon, it is a company made up of a team that is brilliant.

The company deserve some applause

This is a great scope that will certainly get people to buy more and I think it is something that other retail sellers can copy.

Sure some retailers are working on that already, thanks for reading.

is a smart role model, and a guide on how to sell products and preserve Your clients Amazon is big business of the new age.

They are doing an amazing job.

Inherent in your title is the opposite of what crypto is SUPPOSED to be about. That is, trading digital assets to better fulfill needs across micro economies. Amazon has a lot of leverage to assist in this endeavor, but just as Amazon pioneers took advantage of old world thought patterns, so too now is the iconic company finding itself food for a new generation.

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