Anti covid city is built in China.

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Times of crisis, in addition to bringing with them uncertainty, anxiety, fear, trauma and other unpleasant experiences for the human being who is exposed to them, they also leave new ways of seeing life in society, modify the environment, the character of people generating a new vision about life and how to live it from this unpleasant period.



In the case of Covid-19, the most critical moment of the pandemic seems to have passed, despite the fact that new outbreaks appear, there are studies that affirm that people who have the virus are between 30% and 50% more likely to survive than at the beginning of the pandemic, for me they are encouraging numbers, doctors have more experience to treat patients and they apply drugs that help reduce the risk of death.

New habitat is emerging.

Researchers continue to look for ways to eradicate this threat, laboratories continue in an accelerated way with the tests of possible vaccines, but new environments are also created where people can live safely.

For those of us who followed the news of the spread of the virus in China earlier this year, it was impressive to see how the Chinese government built a hospital in just ten days with an impressive deployment of resources.

Now in China they are proposing a new challenge, to build a smart city that is Covid-19 proof, with the help of a Spanish architectural firm the new "anti-covid" city will provide safe spaces to its inhabitants.



Xiong'an will be a sustainable city that will occupy about 2000 square meters and will be used for future landfills.

"Our proposal arises from the need to provide diverse solutions to the crisis, in order to create a new urban life based on the circular bioeconomy", said the founder of Guallart Architects, Vicente Guallart

It seems to be a great alternative and a great idea after all that we have lived with this pandemic.

"If homes allow telework and tele-education, have flexible spaces on large terraces, and cities can grow food on terraces or print objects in their neighborhoods, we will be more prepared for the crises of the future," said Guallart.

Let me know your opinion about this innovative idea that will mark the post-covid era, as well as other ideas that emerge in the midst of the crisis.

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Hello friend, listen really China is always ahead, I think in that aspect is a great government, always with the intention of keeping their people safe and with the newest for them. I think that's a great idea.

Hello @fucho80
The truth is that these advances are wonderful. But I am always left with the doubt that if this will be for everyone...
Because these advances are expensive, it's not something that those of us in the lower classes can afford.
However, it is always good to know that there are advances based on what is happening now.

Just the question I was about to ask before I decided to read other comments first, will it be made available for everyone or only the high classed individuals?