The truth about the origin of Covid-19?

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Much has been written about the coronavirus, from its mortality rate, its speed of spread, forms of contagion, preventive measures, how it affects the economy to its uncertain origin.



There are various theories that we read on the internet and hear on the street, conspiracy theories, some say that it was a virus sent to combat overpopulation and exterminate the elderly population, among others.

WHO denies all conspiracy theories.

The world health organization through its Director General Tedros Adhanom, got out of all those theories that affirm that the coronavirus that created in a Chinese laboratory and from there spread throughout the world causing panic and death around of the world.

According to statements by Adhanom, the coronavirus originated naturally and then spread in the population.

"The virus has occurred naturally. All the scientific publications that we have reviewed suggest that it is something that has been generated naturally."
Tedros said at a press conference.

The director of the governing body for health worldwide assures that he believes in science and evidence and for this reason they appeal to science to combat the virus.

These statements come weeks after the Chinese virologist Yan Li-Meng assured that he fled China out of fear, since it is known that Covid-19 was produced in a military laboratory in his country, more specifically that of the People's Liberation Army (EPL ) of the Chinese Communist Party.

"I was afraid they would kill me or make me disappear."
Said Yan

"The Wuhan wet market was only used as a decoy"
Yan assures

Faced with all this controversy we ask ourselves: Who has the truth? It is possible to believe that the virus is the product of a social experiment, and if so, what is the objective? There are many questions that arise in this regard and that increases the uncertainty in the population, taking into account that the Chinese government itself withheld information about the existence and danger of the virus at the beginning of the pandemic.

I invite you to be part of this discussion and let me know your opinion about this topic.

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As a human species, we study virus to create weapons from them, and we have the knowledge and capacity in this area.

My theory is we are going to face a war between superpowers soon as we experienced with the WW2!

Hello friend @fucho80 the reality is that we will never know who created the virus if it was really like that, we don't know what to believe the only true thing is that those people don't care about risking the lives of others in order to fulfill their purposes.

Hi @fucho80
Conspiracy theories have many reasons, I have no idea how true they are, but, I believe that the powerful always play a role in all this.

Till now, I. Still yet to really know why there is a need for the creation of that deadly virus on circulation all over the world

Good article, personally I think it was China in an attempt to take advantage of the world economy, it's the same as Russia with its nuclear disaster

Wow! This is really astonishing because majority of the masses were actually thinking it was originated from China by a scientist... It's really cool you've brought us out of the mud!

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕💓❤️