Artificial skin that reacts to pain.

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Scientific research and technological developments continue their accelerated pace creating and seeking solutions to problems that for years have plagued human beings, many of the developments achieved so far were unthinkable a few years ago.



This is how science does not stop surprising us, finding solutions to some problems that human beings face throughout our lives, such as the loss of a member of our body etc.

Electronic skin.

At RMIT Melbourne University, Australia scientists developed an electronic artificial skin capable of reacting to pain just like human skin.

Incredibly, the group of researchers managed to replicate the sensitivity present in human skin to achieve these results.

"a significant advance towards the next generation of biomedical technologies and intelligent robotics", says Madhu Bhaskaran, principal investigator of the study

This electronic skin seems to surpass what has been done previously in previous artificial skins, and will surely improve everything related to prosthesis and grafting.

"no electronic technology has been able to realistically imitate that sensation of pain so human, until now". "Our artificial skin reacts instantly when pressure, heat or cold reaches a pain threshold," says Madhu Bhaskaran.

Artificial skin is made up of three components previously developed by the same team, stretchable electronics, temperature reactants and electronic memory.

"Further development will be needed to integrate this technology into biomedical applications, but the fundamentals, biocompatibility and skin-like stretching, are already there," Bhaskaran says.

As I said before, this prototype of electronic skin seems to improve what has been achieved so far by similar developments and represents a step forward that will help patients who need skin grafts or a prosthesis that brings them much closer to "normality".

Let me know your opinion regarding this issue.

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Hello @fucho80
This is really good news.
There are those who require transplants, like those burn patients, especially them, this comes to give them great hope, of course, we know that for prices this will not be for everyone, at least not for now.

Hello friend, thanks for your comment.

These are the things we celebrate in science, and news like these gives hope to many people who suffer from situations like the one you describe, we pray that many have access to this technology.

Thanks for sharing your opinion!

well, while this is great, I'm still wondering if it can actually work like the human skin, apart from reacting to pain, the human skin has many other fatures.

Correct friend you are correct, human skin has many other characteristics; It is also not the first artificial skin that they create but this is an advance which makes us think that it will improve over time.

Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Good article, this year continues to surprise me the technology advances by leaps and bounds.

The speed with which technological innovations are produced is incredible, there is always something new, a new discovery, new developments. Hopefully this serves to change the lives of people who suffer any type of injury.

Thank you!

I consider it a great achievement that science is doing it's best to make life easier for a lot of people is a remarkable height to celebrate.

Of course friend this is a great advance, surely this will improve it in the future and will help many people.

Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Interesting news, it would be a great advance in terms of skin grafting procedures, a great contribution of intelligent robotics that would undoubtedly help many people.

We hope it can reach many people who need this type of skin treatment.

Thank you!

Hello friend @fucho80

Excellent progress, I think that in the health area this type of innovation is very much needed, many patients would be grateful. Of course, I don't know to what extent this could be within everyone's reach, I doubt it very much.

If it is very difficult for everyone to access this type of treatment, we hope that the advances will continue and find ways to reach many people.

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