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Hello dear friends!

The world is constantly changing, as time progresses new ways of doing things emerge, technological developments, market strategies, natural disasters and eventualities that force us to change our way of life and lifestyle.



2020 has undoubtedly been a very difficult year, a year that most want to leave in the past, many at this moment are looking forward to this year ending and with it this tragedy that hit the whole world called Covid-19 and thus leaving back a black season in the history of mankind.

For many the last months turned out to be a season of panic, many faced death face to face, saw a relative leave as a result of the coronavirus, although this may sound terrible, for many women the threat is not the virus itself but confinement, It was like being condemned at home next to a man of bad character, an abuser who, in the midst of confinement, could not control his character and mistreated her.

Fragile vessel.

The bible refers to women as a fragile vessel, inviting us to take care of them, avoid hurting them, this implies loving them and valuing them as they really deserve.

1 Peter 3: 7 You husbands, likewise, live with them wisely, giving honor to the wife as a most fragile vessel, and as joint heirs of the grace of life, so that your prayers will not be hindered.

This teaches us how we should treat the woman who lives with us in the home, with whom we form a family and we intend to spend the rest of our life with her; It is normal that there are differences but we are obliged to resolve any conflict that these differences generate.

Violence against women.

On November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is celebrated, and far from eradicating violence, there are studies that show an increase that is attributed to the confinement applied as a measure to avoid contagion by Covid-19.

Having to spend so much time with the family at home, in some cases seems to be counterproductive since this situation increased the case of violence against women.

According to the UN, there was an increase in calls or complaints made to the authorities for cases of violence against women in Cyprus 30%, 33% in Singapore, 30% in France and 25% in Argentina, while in Brazil 680 were reported Femicides, which represents 1.9% more than in 2019, this to mention some data.


I think we must raise awareness about this, and governments apply measures to prevent this type of abuse and domestic violence. Meanwhile, we must be more aware of the treatment we give to those around us and we must face this transitory situation that we live as an opportunity to unite the family more, understand each other and learn to love each other more despite our differences.

Thanks for reading, let me know your opinion!

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I think the number of women that undergo domestic violence are more than the record we have. One of the major problem is that majority of them will not voice out what they are passing through. But I feel government can do more awareness and let the people know where and who to run to anytime they are undergoing domestic violence.

Hello friend, I currently live in Argentina, in a small town, and the cases of femicide have been quite relevant. Although it seems incredible with this amount of movement to stop the violence, there are more and more events that have occurred.
I had the experience with a neighbor, the first month of confinement, was quite bearable, however as the days passed one night I went through one of the worst scenarios (from outside) my neighbor's husband was beating her. I was very afraid and for two seconds I covered my ears to not hear, I was very nervous. After a few seconds this came to my mind: "If you don't report it, you are an accomplice" and shaking I called the police to report the case. In 5 minutes they arrived, they were able to help, I felt calm in giving that contribution to those who need it.

I highlight the following, in Venezuela I worked with abused women, and as a psychologist I realized that it is a pattern that goes from generation to generation and breaking with that is the difficult thing. As you describe it, the struggle is to become aware of what we deserve as women and human beings. Working constantly with values to reinforce self-esteem and security would be the key to this work.

Interesting publication

I am of the opinion that both men and women needs to be treated fairly at every time, family members should avoid the use of harsh and insulting words towards themselves and anyone who is found of domestic violence should be punished accordingly.

Hello friend, an interesting topic, it is true here in Colombia the same thing happens, the woman was many years ago in a very low link where she could be trampled but today things as they have changed. For me it is only a small change since those who make the laws sometimes do not apply them as they should.

We are still in a macho world, where some men still want to hit and manipulate at will. It is something very difficult to eradicate because it also depends on our education and the example we had at home. It's a difficult issue.

Greetings @fucho80

Having to spend so much time with the family at home, in some cases seems to be counterproductive since this situation increased the case of violence against women.

Good point, and this is reaffirmed by the unfortunate news that we read daily about violence committed against women around the world. I had not analyzed it from this point of view of Covid-19, but it is undoubtedly quite justified.

It is an important issue, I know of a very close case, a couple practically accustomed to being separated because of the type of work of the husband, as a result of the confinement, many conflicts arose between the two, they simply could not stand each other for so long, which has led to episodes of violence. It is unfortunate to go to such extremes.

The "joint heirs" of the passage you shared tells all.

And this is a topic of many that is going unnoticed during this pandemic. The darkness that lurks about society is magnified during this pandemic. So I applaud you for sharing both this daring news and your faith in God.

Godspeed and as always a pleasure in seeing you as part of Project Hope.