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The world changes, markets evolve, brands age and with them their fans; There are brands in the market that seem to manage to be in force generation after generation, such is the case of the iconic Harley-Davidson motorcycles, however, despite being such a well-known brand, motorcycle sales seem to have fallen, this forces the recognized brand to reinvent itself.



With a gradual decrease in its sales, the company decided to launch the idea of ​​a group of fanatical employees of motorcycles and bicycles who seek to "refresh" the company's customer base.

Serial 1

Serial 1 is an electric bike presented last week and appears to be a tribute to the first motorcycle made by Harley-Davidson "Serial Number 1", and the first models should be in March 2021, but nothing is known about the price. selling.

Harley-Davidson is a company founded in 1903 world renowned for its great motorcycles with large twin cylinder engines.

Last week, the company showed on its website an elegant motor bike with a black frame, brown saddle and white wheels that seeks to woo a younger public who are fanatics of bicycles and motorcycles.

For this company, the launch represents a way to renew itself, target a new market and try to woo a younger audience.

To speak of Harley-Davidson is to speak of tradition, luxury and quality, surely from now on there will be many fans of this brand waiting for the launch of this bicycle, either for the prestige of the brand or for living a new experience with this model of Harley bicycles. .

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It is fascinating how large companies maintain their culture without moving away from reality without leaving behind what it is and where it is going, since technology is a tool that makes the dream of many companies come true to stay positioned in the market.

How it will feel so good to be riding an electric bike on the road

Hello @fucho80
This company is a tradition, and entering the market with an electric bicycle I think could be a good idea, more considering that we are in a world that needs less smoke, less use of fossil fuels.
Let's see what happens next.
Good week.

Hello friend, a great means of transport, I would really like to have a bike like that I think is beautiful and can be very useful. Technology always exceeds our expectations. Thanks for sharing it.

 2 months ago 

Wow. It's excellent, sincerely I want one like that. dedicated to the gasoline problem we have in Venezuela.