Hyundai will launch its first flying cars.

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Hi friends, when it comes to technology innovation and supremacy in any technology market, companies are always willing to bet high to win the prized accolade of being the first and most successful product launch.



The last few years we have witnessed important advances in the automotive field: Electric cars, autonomous cars that do not need drivers until I get to the review that I bring you next about flying cars.

Hyundai's bet

The South Korean auto company is working fast to launch a line of flying cars later this decade.

The series announced for 2028 will be destined firstly for urban and inter-city transport, seeking to guarantee better mobility among transport users.

As announced by Jaiwon Shin, the company is working on two different models of vehicles, one of 5 or 6 passengers for urban transport and the second larger one that will be used for transport between cities.

"People who are always stuck in traffic jams will understand how convenient it is to travel in air vehicles" "that's when we will see an explosion in demand"
Jaiwon Shin explained

Right now there are some important aspects in which the company works, such as reducing cost, noise and the issue of safety that is a priority. In hyundai they do not rule out the launch of other similar vehicles by other companies, they are waiting for a better infrastructure so they added the following:

"We don't want to be the first in the market, we want to be the first to have the right product"

For the automotive industry, this advance literally represents a sky-high leap. What remains to be seen is the cost of a vehicle with this characteristics, the safety and the group of people who will have access to it.

Let me know your opinion please!

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Wow, finally this will become a reality!

Greetings @fucho80, interesting information you share with us, technological advances have allowed us to develop increasingly incredible machines, let's wait for these flying cars to see how they behave, thanks for such important news.

Greetings, very good content, since the avant-garde technology is one of the great stimulants in the market, and of potential investors, and with each innovation changing every day the way of seeing our realities.

Greetings esteemed @fucho80, interesting news, despite the advances we have seen in vehicles the driving system has not changed as such, this is something we all dream of seeing, let's hope it becomes a reality and see how our world changes.

Hello friend, I can really guess who will have access to this type of vehicle, obviously those who can afford it. It would be a great advance certainly, let's hope it is for the benefit of the planet as well.

Flying cars?
Well, that's extreme, if these cars really exist by the end of this decade, we will be able to see them. THAT I WAIT.

Willing to see it. It really look extreme ❤️.

Welcome to the world of the Jetsons! I hope to meet the whole family! 🤗.Impressive these advances, surely will promote changes in society, new traffic laws, etc.
I see it as something very positive

Korea has been a leader in practical innovation for more than a decade. This is a really good sign for general aviation.