Liberal society, loss of values or lack of humanism?

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We live in a world in decline, while science develops, knowledge increases and technologies become omnipresent in homes around the world, a lack of human sensitivity and respect for life seems to grow.



Perhaps it is that I am very conservative or I am lagging behind in terms of evolution and understanding of modern society, but there are things that sometimes I cannot digest so easily; Yes, the world cannot be stopped, we must continue with progress, but I believe that there are values, principles and good customs that must remain unchanged over time.

Mailbox for leaving babies.

When I read this news, I must confess that it impacted me a lot, I did not know that this type of thing existed, it must be because I live in a third world country.

In Brussels, a Belgian NGO after three years of fighting got approval for the installation of a Mailbox where people can go and leave their newborn babies anonymously, the NGO Corvia managed to win the lawsuit to be allowed to install this device which was scheduled to be installed from September 21, 2017, however, it was not possible thanks to the previous mayor who banned it.

In the mailbox the person will be able to leave their baby in a cradle that is inside the device, in which they will also find a unique puzzle piece that will allow them to claim their baby in the future if they decide to do so.

Something that also surprised me is that it is not the first device of this type, in Belgium, more specifically in Antwerp the first device was installed 20 years ago, they are also present in other countries in Europe and in hospitals in the United States.



Inciting to abandon children?

This is the question that arises, although I believe that there is a very noble intention on the part of the promoting NGO behind this initiative, it is possible that we are inciting young mothers not to assume the responsibility of fighting for the welfare of their children, and to At the same time we give him a tool so that he thinks he is incapable of raising a child and ends up abandoning him in a mailbox.

For me it is the same as distributing condoms in a school, the intention behind everything is to avoid unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases but the message we give you is, go and be promiscuous, have wild and irresponsible sex that you are safe.

It may sound very conservative but I think that the solution is not in the mailboxes or condoms, it is necessary to re-interest in the family, to work with the family again and to attack all these problems at the root.

Thanks for being here, let me know your opinion!

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Neither did I know here in my country that mothers who do not want to raise their children sell them, give them away and finally choose to abandon them on a piece of land alone, where they can be rescued. My mother was given a malnourished child in a square and they left her to take care of what they had for the bathroom and they never returned for the five-month old girl. But with that luck not everyone runs. Greetings friend @fucho80

Hello friend @sandracarrascal, thank you for sharing your opinion.

I do not judge what the NGO does, I only try to expose our failure as a society, dysfunctional homes, parents who leave the family among other things.

This reality is sad, thank you for your comment!

I understand the intention of the NGO is to stop people from killing their own children or putting them in unsafe places after birth, but I also support your opinion too it will make a lot of people begin to leave reckless lifestyles and think that even if they give birth they can always drop the child in a Mail box and then pick up the child when they feel they are ready.

Hi @mojubare, thanks for being here.

I understand the intention of the NGO is to stop people from killing their own children or putting them in unsafe places after birth,

I am not trying to judge the action of the NGO, that is what they consider they can do to help, but on the other hand governments invest amounts of money in many unsuccessful things, they could implement programs that help strengthen the family.

but I also support your opinion too it will make a lot of people begin to leave reckless lifestyles and think that even if they give birth they can always drop the child in a Mail box and then pick up the child when they feel they are ready .

Of course, we must create awareness and try to avoid that unbridled life without respect for women, children and the family.

It is something that is ingrained in our society, it is only a call for attention.

Thank you!

 4 months ago 

Wow. Friend @fucho80, I think I am just as conserved as you, it is something that I do not know, it will be that somehow I am adopted and I feel that I would never do it.

However, I can consider those people who unfortunately cannot support a child. it is better that they give it up for adoption than that they live a terrible life.

Hello friend, this is something very disturbing.

On the one hand, there is the fact that someone worries about trying to help an innocent child have a better destiny, but at the same time it is very sad to see how world society makes deterioration in the family more and more normal.

Thanks friend @lanzjoseg

Hello friend @fucho80

I honestly already knew about this and particularly it does not seem crazy to me, I do not agree at all but I can understand that the organisms prefer that a child is abandoned under those conditions than a garbage dump for example, where he will be at his luck and maybe he will not even be able to survive, I think that the intention is not completely bad if you see it from that point of view.

With respect to the other issue I do not agree either, nowadays no matter how well parents do their job children and adolescents are exposed to a lot of information both good and bad and that is something we cannot change, so I think what schools do is not to encourage action but to try to protect obviously with their respective theory on the subject. Whoever wants to be promiscuous will be so at the age they want, not necessarily because they are given a tool to be protected.

Greetings friend!

Hello friend @fucho80, just like you I am surprised that such places exist to leave babies, I find it somewhat illogical to try to solve the irresponsibility of parents.

It can be seen in a good way, but my opinion is that we cannot try to improve a society by solving the inhumane and shameless attitudes of people.

See you later, blessings! 🤝

Greetings dear @fucho. The truth is that I am also somewhat conservative and from my perspective, although there could be a good intention behind this type of initiative, such as preventing them from being abandoned in a garbage dump, but I think it could be a little better than a mailbox to leave them in, I think it is better to invest more in education and rescuing values than looking for easy ways out.

 4 months ago 

Dear @fucho80

Did you delete your discord account? I've tried to message you today and I cannot find you any more :(

Hope you're okey there. Didn't hear from you in a long while.

Yours, Piotr

Hi friend @crypto.piotr.

No, my Discord account is still active it must be some error, I answered some messages that you sent me.

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