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Chinese technology company Xiaomi has just launched its mini computer Ningmei Rubik’s Cube Mini; The technological giant seems to be betting to occupy the first places in terms of technological innovations by making a light, comfortable and efficient CPU available to fans of the brand.



It is a mini computer the size of a Rubik's cube, and it has 62 x 62 x 42 millimeters and its weight of 145 grams, ideal for those who need to multitask in a world where work from home has increased as well as virtual classes.


The CPU called "Gemini Lake Refresh" Model Intel Celeron J4125 quad-core with a maximum turbo frequency of 2.7 GHz, integrated Intel UHD 600 graphics, The Ningmei Rubik’s Cube Mini is capable of taking videos at 4K resolutions.

The Ningmei Rubik's Cube Mini, has an HDMI port to connect it to a monitor, television or projector and transmit images, in addition to a USB-C port plus two USB 3.0 inputs, a port for TF card plus one for audio 3.5 millimeters and supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The Ningmei Rubik’s Cube Mini, and its upgraded version up to 8GB of RAM, and an M.2 solid state hard drive with up to 256GB of storage.

Not satisfied with this, the company released a personalized version for Marvel fans with the colors of Iron Man.

Right now the Ningmei Rubik's Cube Mini is available in the company's virtual store for the price ranging from 999 yuan (approximately $ 151) to 1,349 yuan (approximately $ 203), depending on the RAM specifications and storage.

If you are looking for a lightweight computer this is the opportunity you have been waiting for, at a fairly accessible price (in my opinion) and can help us in many of our daily tasks, this nini computer adapts perfectly to the demands and dynamics of today where the Internet work has increased, virtual classes and the need to multitask.

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Without a doubt, this year has been the one with the greatest technological advance.
Every day so many things arise that it is impossible to keep up with everything.
This mini computer must be very comfortable, for sure.

Seem interesting but prefer I prefer to have a strong laptop.

Seem interesting
But prefer I prefer to
Have a strong laptop.

                 - chesatochi

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Xiaomi Has developed it very nicely. I think it should be a very much convenient while we travel from one place to another then we can easily use this as its size is very small. Just like Rubic cube.
#onepercent #bangladesh

I think that something more portable and lighter than this we will not find it, incredible its capacity for its size, really a great help to take the work to where you want.

Hello friend, that's great, I think it would be very useful. And certainly the price is not so high, which surprises me. Thanks for sharing it. Greetings!

Hello @fucho80 😊

Xiaomi company is really gaining more tech space as regards to their gadget production. It's really great to have them develop such a lovely mini computer with good sense of portability.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕💓❤️

Good article, one of the problems with this type of small cpu is that its cooling system is very bad, in this case the processors heat up due to the work they do and end up being damaged very quickly.

Interesting article and I can see some great uses for this. Thanks for sharing.

From the descriptions, it seems that the price is indeed quite affordable, hopefully they will arrive in South America soon.