My Favorite Cryptocurrency – How Can We Get Businesses to Accept as Payment?

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Hello friends, this publication is written for my participation in the crypto challenge sponsored by @steemitblog, this challenge is an initiative to promote participation in our beloved steemit platform and make it known in other networks, the challenge is to mention what your cryptocurrency is Favorite and answer some questions that you can find in the original publication of the challenge: Steem Crypto Challenge Month - Update of Challenge #1: My Favorite Cryptocurrency – How Can We Get Businesses to Accept as Payment?



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My Favorite Cryptocurrency

Well well well my favorite crypto project is Steem, and it's not about the challenge being on this platform and it's trying to ingratiate itself with the judges. I learned about cryptocurrencies through steemit, my first transaction with a cryptocurrency I did with Steem and since then it is the currency that I handle, although I made a small investment in BTC and more recently TRX I remain faithful to STEEM and that can be verified in a of my most recent posts: The best Blockchain to invest.

What makes you like the cryptocurrency most and how do you use it?

Steem in my understanding is the simplest cryptocurrency to use, its transactions are free and secure, you have all control over your wallet and you get it in addition to investing creating content, the coolest way to mine a coin.

So far to use Steem the exchange for FIAT currency of my country and it helps me to support my family, I have also used to exchange for TRX.

When did you learn about cryptocurrency and how long have you held it?

In February 2018 my brother told me about Steemit and I started to publish, so Steem was the first cryptocurrency I met and since then I have Steem.

Which platform you like to trade cryptocurrency?

To be honest I haven't used many platforms to trade cryptocurrencies, so was my biggest experience and that I use to trade every week.

How can we get businesses to accept cryptocurrency as payment?

So far I have not had the experience of paying with cryptocurrencies in any company, however, it is one of the challenges that I have raised lately, the promotion of cryptocurrencies, education for their use and possession.

In addition to all that, I am promoting my small business where I am going to promote the use of cryptocurrencies.

There are many reasons that make Steem my favorite cryptocurrency, the one that I like the most, that I trusted and I am optimistic that it will continue to strengthen over time.

Thanks to @steemitblog for the initiative, to @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02 and all the accounts associated with this project and this challenge, for the great support to the steemit community.

We are Project HOPE a community that brings hope!


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Congratulations on winning steem crypto challenge bro @fucho80

Thank you friend for your words!

Hello @fucho80
I haven't seen this challenge before, but I'm sure I'll participate.
I already have mine. I hope they keep bringing out these kinds of challenges.
STEEMIT was also a kind of school for me in everything that has to do with cryptography. And I'm sure I'll learn many more things.

Hello friend @josevas217, thanks for being here.

Steemit is and will continue to be a great school, everything I know and have when it comes to cryptography I owe to this platform.

If friend it is good that you participate, this is a great initiative.

First time I will be hearing about this challenge but it seems good. I believe many people on this platform, steem is their favorite cryptocurrency

Hello, I invite you to participate in this and in all the challenges that come in the future

Congratulations you are one of the winners of the Steem Crypto Challenge Month...

Thank you for taking part

The Steemit Team

Hello friend @steemcurator01, thank you for choosing my job that is very motivating for me.

This is the first time I have received a vote like this in all the time that I have been on steemit.

This will surely be a great week for me.

Congratulations on this initiative, you are doing a great job.

Many many congratulations on winning syeemcrypto challenge you deserved it 😍😍

lots of love

Yours Hassanabid
Mod Steemit Pakistan

#onepercent #pakistan #affable

Thank you friend for your words!

Been in crypto before steem, but steem was where it really kicked off so much for me. the atmosphere was amazing. still a great project if we had to look away from price for a minute.

Hello friend @joelagbo, thank you for your comment and sharing your experience.

It is true that the price of steem is not very attractive now, but for people like me Steemit means a lot and if I have the opportunity to invest my first option will always be steem.

Thanks for being here.

This is actually my first time of coming across this challenge. I believe it will bring more engagement within the community.
Nice one buddy

Thanks for commenting, for me it is the first time that I participate and like you I think it will bring a lot of participation.

Thank you!

First time I hear about a challenge I would very much like to participate in this world of challenges, they look very interesting and they leave a lot of positive knowledge. Greetings great friend @fucho80

Hello friend, the truth is that @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 and the whole team are doing a great job to promote this platform and promote participation.

Hello friend @fucho80 an excellent participation, I think steemit has helped us all a lot in general, I also feel very identified with this platform, I hope it persists for much longer. Greetings!

Hello @franyeligonzalez, thank you for commenting, for those motivational words. I hope to be here for a long time.

Greetings friend @fucho80, congratulations on winning the challenge, a great job, it looks interesting this kind of initiative. See you later brother, may the successes continue !

Hello thanks for being here.

I believe that initiatives like this will achieve greater participation in the platform, we must all join in promoting steemit.

Greetings dear @fucho80, I didn't know about this challenge, I think I'll dare to participate.
Definitely, as maybe it happened for many, STEEMIT was also my first approach to this world related to cryptography, it has been a great school where I started and from which I am still learning, thanks for sharing.

Sure, steemit is and will continue to be a great school and a source of benefits for many. I think I'll be here for a long time.

I am happy I read your blog, how else would I have known about this contest? I think this is a great one from steemit.