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Hello dear friends; Artificial intelligence, robotics and science in general are experiencing surprising advances, the speed with which new devices and applications are generated that positively affect our society is unprecedented in our history.



It is enough to look at a digital portal or a scientific magazine to appreciate the magnitude of what is happening around us related to innovations in science and technology.

Today I want to share with you a couple of developments that improve the quality of life of people with some type of disability or limitation.

System to speak with the gaze.

Recently Ivan Bakaidov, a computer scientist with paralysis from the city of Saint Petersburg, developed a system that allows people with disabilities who can only move their eyes to communicate.

The system works by means of an eye-tracking device ("eye tracker") and an application. A virtual keyboard will appear on the screen. The person who uses it only has to fix his gaze for a second to write a letter, once the word or sentence is written, you must turn your gaze to the icon that activates the voice and the robot will read the written text.

Application to recognize loved ones.

In the same way, three Nigerian teenagers designed an application that helps patients with dementia to remember loved ones.

As part of their participation in an international competition, Rachael Akano, Margaret Akano, and Joy Njekwe developed "Memory Haven" an application that contains six functions and can help dementia patients remember their loved ones.

Face recognition, the application contains photo albums that the patient can look at to recognize and identify who is in the image.

Using voice recognition allows users to recognize their loved ones.

Contains a music feature for storing personal playlists.

Memory games and reminder function.




Undoubtedly there are many important technological developments, much more when these are aimed at improving the quality of life of a person who has some type of disability, whether she was born with a special condition, or is the product of an accident.

This is the orientation that any development based on artificial intelligence, robotics or any other scientific branch should take, I think that work should be done to improve the quality of life of those who suffer the most and these developments are the living example of the direction in which we must move.

Thanks for being here and let me know your opinion!

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Good article, my fear is that robotics and AI will achieve military strength, that would be the other face of these advances in those branches.

Greetings friend @fucho80.

Since the arrival of the Internet, much has been done since then, and between successes and errors, this type of application makes the difference, putting technology at the service of humanity. Our Web3 platforms are called to present this type of applications, there is still a long way to go but we are already in the train that will take us directly to a context where platforms that run in the Blockchain will be of great support in our lifestyle.

Hello @fucho80
The truth is that I did not know this way to help from the technology that allows some patients to remember their families.
I think it's great.
The writing with the use of the eyes, yes, I had read about that.

Hello friend, what a nice publication, the truth is that I think it is impressive the things that can be achieved through technology, helping others is the best thing we can do, unfortunately not everyone has access to this type of progress but equally there are many people who can benefit!

I am happy for all these people who will be helped by these new technologies and I hope that in the future there will be many more

Certainly, technological developments should be aimed at improving the quality of life of people, including especially those who have a type of disability, and this shows, making it easier for these people to integrate into our society, definitely for this is the technology.