"Smart" streets that recharge batteries.

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The future is here, technological advances do not stop, the fight against pollution, pollution and the emission of polluting gases is a task in which we must all be involved, after all, the earth is our home and we are all interested in it. take care of it.



This seems to be the motto implicit in the new Israeli project for the city of Tel aviv where they are promoting a pilot plan consisting of "smart streets" that allow electric vehicles to recharge their batteries while circulating through it.

The roads of the future.

"Our strategic action plan to face climate change has placed the fight against pollution at the top of the municipality's environmental agenda. If the pilot is successful, we will evaluate its expansion to other parts of the city," said Ron Huldai , the mayor of the city.

In the coming days, the companies Dan Bus and ElectReon will test a joint plan that consists of laying approximately 600 meters of wireless charging path that will allow electric vehicles to recharge their batteries without having to stop or connect to an electrical outlet. .

"600m long electric road, part of a 2km route between train station and Tel Aviv University in Israel"

The system is composed of a system of coils placed under the asphalt through which the energy is transferred to the vehicles, these in turn will install receivers on the floor to transfer the energy to the electric batteries.

If the system is successful, it will be expanded and initially used in the city's public transport, it is the first city to have this new electrical system.



Undoubtedly, it is an important step that will reduce the emission of toxic gases if it is implemented on a large scale, it is also important to highlight the technology developed by the engineers of this company, very convenient for companies that produce electric cars.

For more information visit: electreon.com

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Impressive technogia! I really thank you so much for sharing this genius.I wonder if the price of acquiring the necessary artifacts will be affordable.

Hello friend @reinaldoverdu, this is really impressive, the technology does not stop surprising us, it is a great advance.

Regarding the prices, I imagine that many will not be accessible at first, but everything must be adapted.

Thanks for comment!

Hello @fucho80
This really impressed me.
I never imagined something similar, but it's good that they are already working on it.
Let's hope it works, and that the costs are not so high, so that it is a real option and with the capacity to expand.

This is really impressive, it will be very beneficial for the environment.

I wonder if this will boost the electric car industry and one day we will have access to this.

Thanks for comment!

This is a technology in the making that I wasn't sure if it would see a good use case. Thanks for the update. It would be interesting if major highways were outfitted with rechargeables and everyday commute would their route onto the highways for this purpose.

It all starts somewhere, this is proof that if it is successful they will surely think of expanding its use, hopefully it turns out, many of the technologies that we use now a few years ago were unthinkable for many of us, however, today they are in daily use .

Thanks for being here!

Wow this sounds great, reading through the post I could not stop imagining how beautiful and convenient that is going to look like, I hope it works well and it does not cause any adverse effect.

Yes, it seems very convenient, it is a technology in a trial period, I would particularly like it to be successful.

I will really love to see something like this come to life really soon, it has been a long time dream to have less pollution in our environment.

If true, it would be great for the environment and it would be nice to see this technology succeed and flourish.

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