Steem Crypto Challenge Month #3: The Best Exchange

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Hello friends, here we are again to participate in this week's challenge proposed by @steemitblog with the sponsorship of @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02. This week's challenge has to do with cryptocurrency exchanges, if you want to participate in this contest you must visit this publication: Steem Crypto Challenge Month #3 : The Best Exchange



Exchanges are essential tools for cryptographic activity, which makes this challenge more interesting, there are a large number of exchanges with different characteristics that seek to satisfy the needs of cryptographic enthusiasts in terms of security, transaction speed, and practicality at the time. to make our registration on the platform.

I have not particularly used many exchanges for the simple reason that all or most of my crypto investment is in Steem and I manage it through my Steemit wallet.

Exchanges used.

The exchanges that I have used the most so far are: SteemScan, and .

Which is the best exchange in your view and why?

In my opinion, the best exchange I've used is ., as it is the one that best suits my needs; As Steem is my biggest investment in cryptocurrencies, this exchange provides me with everything I need to carry out any transaction, whether it is to acquire a cryptocurrency or exchange for Fiat money in my country.

In addition, it is very easy to use, practical and safe. For what I need at the moment it is my best option.

What are the best features about this exchange?

The ease, simplicity of registration, speed of transactions and security.

Are there any features you think that the exchange needs to improve or add?

Being a small exchange it does not have a lot of volume of transactions, I think that they should add other currencies to their list and start operating with other cryptocurrencies.

How long have you used this exchange, and how did you find out about it?

I have been using for about two years and I found out through a publication that I found on Steemit, I was looking for how to exchange my Steem to Fiat, I found this platform and since then I use it every day.

How often do you use the exchange and what sorts of transactions do you do on it?

I use this platform almost every day, to convert to Fiat also to exchange its native currency for Nectar, a kind of stablecoin and then exchange for BTC, Steem or SBD.

Has the exchange run any promotions or contests that you have taken part in?

They have done some contests, however, I have not been able to participate.

Would you invite your friends to join the exchange? Why?

Yes, I would invite my friends to participate according to the needs of each one and if this exchange is adapted to their needs. I have had a very good experience in the time that I use it.

If you didn't use this exchange what would be your next choice?

Based on what this exchange gives me and my needs at the moment, if I don't use this it will use capybara exchange, if I need something a little more comprehensive then I would use Just Swap, although I have not used it I am interested in trying it.

Many exchanges that currently work providing different services, seeking to adapt to the needs of investors who work with cryptocurrencies, but the final decision is up to you, if you need to exchange your cryptocurrencies you will surely find the option that best suits your needs and the one that suits you. generate more confidence to carry out your transaction.

Once again thanks to @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for inviting us to participate in this new challenge.

We are Project HOPE a community that brings hope!


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Still now i dont use those exchanges,so no idea about it. After reading your post ,i am getting interest sure i try to use those soon.

Thanks for your detailed post from you.

Nice post from you. Have a great day ahead.

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First time am coming across the name you mentioned, I will give it a try.

thanks for sharing this information

Thanks for such interesting info

great info, really @orinoco has something that I admire, and it is his speed in doing what exchanges, and their staff is friendly and helpful.I still use their services from time to time because they are really serious people.Thanks for sharing your post, which is really very good and interesting.

Thank you so much 🙌🏼

Hello friend @fucho80, thanks for the information about the alternative exchange houses, because just like you, I also use Orinoco, because, I find it very reliable, easy to use, adapting to our needs.

See you later, have a good week !

Thank you for sharing this detailed information, I have also used both ionomy and Steemscan, to be honest i would rather chose steemscan than ionomy.. Exchange.
Have a good day.
#twopercent #India #affable

Truly this will be the first time I will be hearing about the exchange but it will surely be worth checking it out

Thank you for sharing. Good luck with the challenge. :)

Great post, @fucho80.

Soon, I will write my post to be able to participate too.

Hello friend, an excellent publication, the truth is that I have never used orinoco but I know that it is also good. Thanks for sharing your story with us and good luck with this contest! :)

I'm actually just hearing about orinoco exchange for the first time though but it seems they tend to possess lot of important and great features just as you've explained.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💓💕💕💓