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Hello friends who love cryptocurrencies, from the challenges organized by @steemitblog and defenders of the cryptocurrency Steem and the Steemit network. Here we are to talk about the future of cryptocurrencies, in my opinion an unstoppable technology and the economic system that will rule the world in the future.


I think that cryptocurrencies since its emergence in 2009 with the creation of the so-called BTC genesis Block, is a technology that has not stopped growing, generating new alternatives in terms of functionality, use, mining as well as various projects based on Blockchain that they are revolutionizing the so-called economy of the future.

If we try to understand or predict the future of cryptocurrencies based on past experiences, and everything they are generating today, surely we must agree that cryptocurrencies have a long and bright future ahead of them because of the financial freedom they grant to the people and the possibility of generating wealth from them.

This challenge I want to address this challenge by answering the questions posed by the organizers; As to whether Is awareness and usage of cryptocurrencies growing in your country?

I must say that my country of origin is Venezuela, a country that despite going through the worst economic crisis in its history has repeatedly had records in operations carried out through LocalBitcoin, showing that cryptocurrencies have become a strong economic alternative For Venezuelans and in the safest way to manage their funds, this clearly speaks of the level of awareness about cryptocurrencies, a trend that continues to increase despite limited access to the Internet.

What is the attitude of government to cryptocurrencies in your country? In Venezuela I think that the government has received cryptocurrencies very well, to the point of having created its own currency, the Petro; There are also some opinions that state that the national government uses cryptocurrencies as a way to evade the sanctions imposed by the United States government.



Are laws and regulations being introduced to help or hinder the growth of cryptocurrencies?

More than to hinder, I think that the regulations and laws that the national government has introduced, they seek to control and benefit from the growing cryptographic activity in our country.

Do you have a positive or negative outlook for the future of cryptocurrencies?

I am very optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies, based on their behavior I can say that BTC, Airdrops, Icos, stablecoin exchanges and other projects have evolved in a positive way until reaching the DeFi revolution, in the same way I think that cryptocurrencies will take place in the economy until we achieve the desired mass adoption.

How do you think cryptocurrencies can benefit society in future?

There are many running forms through which cryptocurrencies are benefiting the world, and surely many more will emerge, the aforementioned about Venezuela is one of them, cryptocurrencies have served us as a way to protect our income from existing inflation, Platforms like Steemit have become the source of income for many families.

DeFi have become a growing and effective investment alternative, it is said that together with Gold, cryptocurrencies are the safest and most stable form of investment, there are ecological projects based on cryptocurrencies, this is the future of the economy.



How do you think cryptocurrencies can reach mass adoption?

Marketing, mass use, executing projects that reach people outside the virtual world, promoting cryptocurrencies with entrepreneurs big and small, from a warehouse to a small warehouse, carrying out awareness campaigns in all areas with events financed with cryptocurrencies.

Do you think the global economy will change if cryptocurrency usage becomes commonplace in all countries?

The use of cryptocurrencies is already changing the world, when we see an informal merchant in some town in Venezuela promoting their routes, with a sign that says "cryptocurrencies are accepted" that is clear evidence that cryptocurrencies when they reach their massive use They will change the world, but we must admit that this change has already begun.

Which cryptocurrencies do you think will emerge as the most widely used in the future?

Honestly, I cannot be sure of that, but the use of stablecoins is becoming very popular, logically safe and practical currencies in its use as in the speed of transaction and low commissions like Steem for me are the best option.

Good luck to all the participants and congratulations to the organizers of this challenge.

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I agree with you. Crypto is an unstoppable technology, it has the ability to shake the world, to change the way people pay for goods and the way people receive payments. Crypto will definitely get stronger in the future as more and more people adopt the technology.

Stable coins also seem to be addressing a major issue with cryptocurrencies in that it is less volatile. This has been a major causes of the popularity of stable coins. Expect stable coins to get stronger in the future.

#onepercent #nigeria

Cryptocurrency has had its ups and downs over the last few years, let's say Bitcoin which had occupied a fantastic price then slowly fell. Then fresh air was felt again by the assets created by Satoshi Nakamoto in early 2019, prices slowly rose, market sentiment began to improve, even one social media also plans to launch its own crypto asset in the coming year. Cryptocurrency has lifted the public's imagination from the storm over the past two years as the exchange rate for fiat currencies is highly volatile, improved mechanisms for its purchase and use have been adopted, and even the government has shown increased interest in its activities and regulations.

cryptos are the future I am convinced that in Venezuela will have a very positive boom, a lot greater than they already have, when the Patria platform allows to acquire BTC, ltc and other currencies freely In this sense, I see very positive that this government page become a great exchange I am convinced that those are his plans from the beginning.

Do you think the global economy will change if cryptocurrency usage becomes commonplace in all countries?

If course it will change but it's change is both on the positive and negative side.

Like you outrightly said the change has already began. The structure of cryptocurrencies needs to be reformed at least to accommodate a larger crowd that doesn't fancy it.


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