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Hello dear friends, we can definitely affirm that the future is already present between us; It is that the technological developments that were dreamed of several years ago are already among us demanding their place in history. A few days ago I wrote an article reviewing Hyundai's flying car project, today this prototype that has already received permission to travel on the road.



I think that governments, together with private companies, must work quickly to adapt the laws and the necessary infrastructure to welcome and regulate the use of this new generation of transport, from electric cars, autonomous cars and flying cars.

PAL-V Liberty

The PAL-V Liberty is a three-wheeled flying car developed in the Netherlands, which has been authorized to travel on roads by the European motor vehicle regulator.

It is a vehicle made of titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber, it has a 230 hp four-cylinder engine, it has capacity for two seats and its weight is 680 kilograms, it uses a system similar to that of a motorcycle with a pedal that it must press down, both on the ground and in the air.

The price of the vehicle is $ 348,000, which makes it a vehicle that is not accessible to most, but even with this price, the developer has already received 80 orders and they plan to produce it in series by 2022.

In addition to all this, this flying car needs a 160-meter runway to land and flew for the first time in 2012.

For some of us it is perhaps difficult to imagine our cities with skies full of all kinds of flying vehicles in the near future, however, this seems to be a reality closer and closer to us, and scenarios that were previously only possible in movies of fiction are present in our lives today.

Thanks for reading, let me know your opinion!

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 3 months ago 

Wow. Friend I hope I can get to see an issue of these in Venezuela but I would also like to handle it and pilot it hehe, especially to travel within my beautiful country.

The future is today, and it's great to see how scientists are motivated to create these wonders for improve our lives. Hopefully one day can be transported using these vehicles!

In a few years we will stop seeing inventions like this only in movies, every time science and technology advances at a faster rate, as children we could only dream of these things and now they are only a couple of years away from becoming reality, I hope that soon I will have the opportunity to get on one of those vehicles, greetings.

Hello @fucho80
I waited for the video to show the car flying, but no. In fact I looked at other videos, but did not find one that will show me flying.
It's time to see how cities could be made suitable for this unique vehicle.

Why the video does not show the car flying?

Interesting to hear about. First time I will be hearing about this type of car though

Hello friend, the truth is that would be impressive, but as you say not all of us will be able to acquire one. Surely in a few years they can be more accessible to all people.

It looks like i wasn't the only person who wanted the car to fly in the video after all. This is great as i have watched several videos of flying cars and knowing that they are now allowed to go on car roads is a good beginning. I know getting approval to fly on a regular note my be very difficult due to air space regulations but a lot have cars have been flying on testing licenses.

Impressive, I hope to see very soon more cars like these that can move by land and air, I think we are making good technological progress with these inventions. Greetings friend and thank you for sharing.

Every year there seems to be a new company teasing about making this a reality for more people. I remember electric cars decades ago. I wonder if both Tesla and flying cars can become common place before the end of the decade.