To Whom It May Concern: Reasons for my absence.

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Hello dear friends of Project HOPE and Steemit, this is an informative publication where I try to explain in a clear and simple way my absence, or sporadic and intermittent presence in our beloved community.



I decided to write these lines inspired by the concern of the project leader @crypto.piotr, who expressed being somewhat concerned about my limited access to the Internet in recent days, a concern that I appreciate because this indicates that he is interested in my well-being.

The reasons for my absence.

Before I fully explain the reasons why my presence in the community has been limited, I must begin by apologizing to all the members of Project HOPE, all who have kindly left a comment on any of my posts and have not received a response, or those who write their publications and do not receive my support with any positive comments.

To all my sincere apologies!

I have been in Project HOPE since its foundation and I apologize because one of the strongest flags that we raised from the beginning is COMMITMENT, I also know that I have failed to commit in the last days, neglecting a little my responsibility as a member of the central team of this project.

I must say that everyone here deserves respect, that we value their work and all the effort put into their publications, that their work can be appreciated and receive the attention it deserves and I have also failed in that. If I demand commitment, I must show commitment!


Now I am going to the point, these last weeks I have been somewhat absent for reasons of force majeure, now I am living with my family in a house that they lent us to live in, for reasons that I will not explain they are asking us to hand over the house at the end of October So we have to find a place to move.

They are offering us a house for $ 1000, the cheapest we have gotten, the owner of the house is asking us to pay her a part of that money to allow us to start living in it, so we must pay $ 600 at the end of this month , of which we already have $ 400.

This commitment has become the reason for my absence, since I have been forced to do some extra activities offline to get this money, however, whenever I have time I write a publication to maintain this income and not abandon writing .

In conclusion.

Maybe for some this publication has no importance, but for me it is very important and I do it out of respect for all the members of this community, of this project and of this platform who comment on some of my publications and do not receive a response on some occasions .

To all who noticed my absence, I send you this thank you note and ask for your prayers so that this situation is resolved soon.

Friend @crypto.piotr, my commitment to this community and this project remains intact, thank you for your interest, for caring about me.

We are Project HOPE a community that brings hope!


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Greetings dear friend @fucho80, I hope you can solve this situation, we are aware of the difficult situation we are going through in Venezuela and getting some dollars becomes difficult, which requires us to diversify our work to generate more income.

This writing speaks very well of you, as a founding member, since it reaffirms and transmits the great commitment you have with the community, which is what I perceive as a new member of this noble project.

See you later, have an excellent week, blessings!

Hello my dear @amestyj , thank you for your kind words and understanding.

The situation in our country is well known to all, really very difficult, but we hope that our problem in particular we will solve it, thank God we are on the right track and when we achieve our goal I will also inform you by this means.

This project has taught me many things and I feel committed to the entire community.

Thanks for being here.

I understand perfectly what is happening since the Internet for me is intermittent and although I manage to publish from tlf the intermittence and the danger of using tlf in public is a great challenge, I hope that it manages to solve its problem.

Friend, thank you for understanding this situation, thank you for your comment.

This is not pleasing to hear at all, I can't even imagine the type of emotional stress you must be going through with your family right now, it feels really sad and I pray that you find a solution to this issue soon.

Hello @oluwatobiloba, thank you for your empathy, I believe that we will solve this soon with the help of God, we are on the right track only that the other activities separate me a little from the community.

Thanks for being here.

Hello friend @fucho80 we have missed you around here, the truth is that I am very sorry that situation should not be easy for you or your family, besides getting that amount of money in Venezuela is not easy at all, I am glad because they are already reaching the goal, I hope with all my heart that they can solve this inconvenience!

We hope to see you here soon and with your problems solved! Greetings!

Hello @franyeligonzalez thank you for your words.

We are on the right track to resolve this, with God's favor we will soon move into our house and I will be more consistent with my work within the community and the platform.

Thank you for understanding my situation and praying for everything to be solved.

Hello @fucho80
The reasons for your distancing are understood, but it will be while you finish stabilizing your situation and your family's, it is not easy, I assume, to be in that situation.
But you are already on an advanced path, which is important.

Hello dear @josevas217, thanks for the support.

Yes, I consider that this situation will be solved soon, as you mentioned we are advanced with what we need so soon this will come to a happy end.

Thanks friend!

 3 months ago 

One of the most uncomfortable and frustrating situations in life is having to vacate the place where you are living. No matter the reason, this is extremely uncomfortable.

The monetary aspect becomes another stress factor. Getting 200 usd here in Venezuela, is not easy.
I wish I could help you, friend. I hope you solve your situation.

Hello friend @juanmolina, thanks for your words.

It is true that it is not easy to get $ 200 here in Venezuela but we are on the right track, on the other hand you have helped me a lot, your prayer for me and my family is very important.

Thanks brother!

Hi @fucho80
I missed you here for sure and sorry to know that you are going through tough times. Sometimes in life, we go through such a situation where money is the constraint and I hope you will find the solution soon.
Looking forward to seeing you back here once your problem is solved. take care my friend.

 3 months ago 

Dear @fucho80

I can only hope that you will solve your personal issues and be back to us :) I would like to see "more of you" within PH :)

Yours, Piotr