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RE: Hive Blockchain is launching this Friday

You brought up many interesting points about Hive's potential success and failures. I'm also curious whether Hive can outrun Steem in the future.

When you mentioned about the Steem-Engine tokens, I realized that none of those tokens really surpassed Steem. However, time could be different ~ Blocktrades and the other developers are the ones working on Hive. And the majority of the "real" steemians seems to be backing it as well.

Let's see what Hive can bring to the table.


I don't think any of the real Steem people ever cared about Steem-engine tokens so I doubt that. I'm not even sure what Aggy would decide about Steem-engine. Let's see.

The FOMO is already pumping the price of Steem. Looks like the party is on. 😀

I caught that as well, 56% within an hour. It jumped 10 ranks higher. I think that this pump for Steem will bring more eyes & positive impact for Hive as well.

Yes it is so exciting. 😀