Daily personal rules that lead to success

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There are different rules to life and some of those rules are selected based on individual perspective choosing which type of niche they want to stick with, there however appears to be a rule that successful people follow and for those of us who are trying to climb the ladder of success, we need to also understand how important it is for us to follow the path of success.

Simple rules that results in the attainment of success needs to be followed carefully if we must attain success, there are definitely going to be life struggles here and there but with a life based on direct rules, it will become convenient to scale through.


Visiting social media in the morning.

Social media is not a completely bad thing as it has advantages to offer but social media has a way to keep drawing us into spending more time on it since it offers fun and excitement and by the time we know it, we will have spent close to or more than three hours just laughing. In my opinion, this should be done at night probably when you have achieved your target for the day but in the morning when you should be more productive it should never be an option. Set a rule never to use the social media platform in the morning.

You should sleep early.

Good sleep is a way to help the body function more appropriately, sleeping early only means being able to wake up even earlier and that means you will be able to cover up on more activities at the end of the day. If you want to wake up to a more productive day then you should sleep even earlier and wake up with a sounder mind to run activities of the day.

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man wealthy, healthy and wise. Benjamin Franklin.

Make learning a part of life.

Gaining knowledge everyday will make your mind smarter and your life filled with more knowledge than you can imagine.

If you spend an hour every day to learn something about your field, you will become a national expert in five years or less. Earl Nightingale.

Knowledge is a fast way to help us live a more fulfilled life, getting smart and more knowledgeable about things everyday helps us in finding the right answer to questions and getting the appropriate solution to the things that we constantly need.


Visiting social media in the morning makes the day basically unproductive just what I feel so I try to stay away from it completely.

It is not an easy decision but it is the best decision.

very good advice, especially about the networks social and The early bed thing, this is definitely not helps to be more efficient and positive

Thanks a lot for reading.

You have said it all. I love that part you also talked about learning because learning always have its own role to play

We always have to continue to learn, thank you for reading.

Hello friend, I think that always focus on learning something new is an excellent advice, do not lose a day but try to be in constant training. Getting up early is also important and helps us with our physical and mental health.

Thanks for reading.

These are lessons to be learnt from this post, unfortunately most of us want the type of success we are not willing to make sacrifices about.

That is really true, thanks for reading.

I like the idea of visiting social media in the morning.

I grew up with the news at the beginning of my day primarily because I delivered it. The days that I didn't, I found less of a connection with society. When we read other social media accounts, while some maybe fake or not entirely genuine, it still is another person at the end of that, unless of course they're a bot. Much different than an article meant to be read by the masses where the writer never anticipates directly communicating with the reader.

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