The psychological effect of reading self-help, motivational and financial books

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In a world where people prefer to give to the rich than give to a beggar, in a world where people prefer to share ideas with people who have enough ideas for them than share with people who would benefit from it, and in a world where you are on your own to develop yourself because you want to be grow and there are really nobody who wants to develop you for free, even self-development books are sold to people around the world so the publisher and writer makes money over trying to get you motivated.

Why do people want to improve themselves or their current situation? People are willing to do anything to improve their current situation at any time when they are not satisfied with the result they are getting. Trying to be better versions of ourselves wouldn’t be a bad idea as it is about making progress and being able to make decisions.

When you are growing yourself, you get this satisfaction that you are doing the right thing but while all these things are good, one thing becomes constant and that is addiction. Once people start to grow through personal help, you will have easy access to book and this means you will have to keep buying more books, it also applies to podcast, videos and so on. It becomes an addictive process as you want to keep motivating yourself and enjoy that feeling.


Have you noticed that there is one thing about all motivational, self-help and inspirational books, the end product is you feel you are on track and ready to go even when you are just starting? You start to discuss with people like you already achieved a lot, this is because this is what the authors are selling. You start to fake progresses even when there are no progress being made because you want people to see a change but at the end of it all, if you are not taking actions to support the readings, you are still the same person.

There is more to success than reading, listening or watching self-help, motivational, and inspirational materials. Instead of writing about business without doing one, writing goals without accomplishing one, claiming to enjoy the lifestyle of billionaires without being one, the best thing to do is take actions. I have seen a lot of these books as important but also I have seen many of them as a means to and end for the author.


I really love this, no matter how much we wish or write if no action is taken then we will never be able to make any definite progress.

Yes friend you are correct thank you for visiting my page.

Hello friend, certainly reading that kind of books helps us a lot to grow as people and to change our mentality, it is necessary to know more about finances and also to believe more in us, to have a good self-esteem and the desire to fulfill our goals and objectives.

You mentioned very important points over here thank you for visiting my page.

Books helps us to prompt us to take actions. Just like you said, some desire the billionaire sit but are not ready to take actions

Actions will yield results that idle sittings will never yield.

Hello friend, reading in general will always bring benefits. We should read about what interests us, so that we can get the most out of it. In general, those self-help books, some of them, can give us tools to grow as humans...

Growth is really important that is the essence of the idea behind spontaneous activities, thanks for visiting my page.

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