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Making promises and resolutions comes very easy to almost everyone, it Is easy to make decisions at the beginning of the year not to do certain things and to do certain things either as an individual or as a family, it is almost a cliché for people of different religions and tribe to have what is popularly called ‘’A NEW YEAR RESOLUTION’’, this new year resolution is what is supposed to guide people all through the year and help them make good decisions about their lives but the reverse is always the case because a lot of people look back at the end of the year to realize how they have been unable to achieve the goals that they set.


If you are part of those who set weekly, monthly or yearly goals and find it difficult to keep up with those goals, then you need to read try out the tips I am about to share with you in this post because they will help you make decisions that will boost your drive towards the achievement of the goals you desire to achieve.

There is a strong factor that prevents us from achieving our set goals and it is the urge for pleasure, there is a great urge for comfort and we usually feel very relaxed and always want to enjoy the comfort of pleasure, the desire of comfort is not your fault but it is your fault when you cannot take the step to get out of that comfort zone, the comfort of relaxation is always highly tempting but in order to discipline ourselves, we first need to break the urge for pleasure and certainly this will require a lot of dedication.


Know that there is never a right mood to work, I have heard people say they are not in the mood to work on countless occasions and I have felt the same way as well, there is always a time when you are not just in the mood to work and all your body wants is to watch some movies and sleep, I however want you to understand that if you do not push yourself out of the comfort zone you will continue to relax until every of your goal becomes unaccomplished.

Make yourself accountable to something or someone, there is a general belief that when we are considered accountable, there is an urge to do more in order to avoid disappointing the people who believe in us, it is easier to get goals achieved when we have those we do not want to disappoint.

The final thing is to set futuristic goals, every step you take every day needs to lead towards the goal you intend to achieve in years to come, constantly looking towards that goal will build a sustainable path to the achievement of your goal.


The right mood to work thing really got me, there are times that working is not just convenient for us but I have learnt that our body requires a certain push if we are ever going to accomplish any level of growth or accomplishment.

That's the fact, our body doesn't like inconvenience but we need to keep pushing until we get the right desire.

you always have to stay focused,have a positive mindset and try to understand that the important thing is to be disciplined to achieve the goals.

Discipline is very necessary for success thank you for reading.

Achieving the goals we set is a different type of task on its own different from setting the goal, dedication and extra push is needed to get us to the height we desire.

Thanks for reading.

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