For the First Time Ever, Bitcoin Trades Above $10,000 For 63 Consecutive Days

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According to data obtained from Messari, a website that tracks the historical prices of Bitcoin, by closing at $10,793 Bitcoin may have set a new record of trading above $10,000 for 63 consecutive days.

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The previous record of trading above $10,000 for 62 consecutive days was set between the 1st of December 2017 and 31st January 2018 when Bitcoin reached a new all-time high of approximately $20,000. From that moments onwards, until yesterday, there was never a time when Bitcoin stayed above $10,000 for that long.

Was Tyler Winklevoss Right When He Declared That $10,000 Was The New Baseline For Bitcoin?

Last week, Tyler Winklevoss had declared in a Tweet that $10,000 was the new baseline of Bitcoin. What he meant was that it is now very unlikely for Bitcoin to significantly fall below $10,000 before it begins the expected upward trend following its halving event in May 2020. But was Tyler right?

It might be too early to categorically say that Tyler was right or wrong but if Bitcoin manages to not dip below $9,500 well into the middle of October, and considering an halving price of $8,800, only a black swan event will be sufficient to not make Tyler's assertions right.

 22 days ago 

It's definetly hard not to be optymistic @gandhibaba :)

More than ever before, we should be optimistic. From December we should have seen greater signs for a bull market.

We might be seeing a new shape of bitcoin soon. Who knows, we might see bitcoin trading for $15k for a year soon

Yea the $15k range is very possible. It will be great to see it.

Going into October with btc over 10k is the most bullish thing I've seen since my years in crypto. Could easily do a flip to 15k before the year ends.

We cannot even rightly say this is what will happen exactly, we can only observe the space and hope for the best.

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