The Lebanon Blast and Why the Government should be Blamed

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We can't say because it is a new year, we shouldn't talk about the previous year or evaluate a few events. One hashtag went viral on August 4, 2020 and that was the #prayforlebanon. The hashtag went really viral as a result of an explosion that got viewers very scared compared to what the victims felt. A warehouse in Bierut, Lebanon caught fire and detonated a large amount of Amonium Nitrate weighing about 2700 metric tons. The Explosion was so massive about 6 miles wide from the warehouse in the port destroying properties, causing the death of about 200 people and injuring thousands.

Let's not forget that Lebanon was facing a very dire financial crises before the explosion with a lot of people losing their jobs and becoming unemployed, and the poverty rate increased. Citizens of Lebanon had been protesting for a change. Let's not also forget that Lebanon has been battling in the past for supremacy between the christians and the muslims. The war ended with each of the religion holding political offices with the Maronite christians, the Shia and Sunni muslims also holding offices. With the president being a Maronite, the Prime minister a Sunni and the Speaker a Shia.

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Although the political system in Lebanon has been shared, it still remained corrupt no matter which sect or party that was rulling. This has caused an economic meltdown in the country and the country running into debt. Although, a lot of countries has offered tto give bailouts if the country is ready to restructure its political system but there have been no positive result.

The Blast of the Amonium Nitrate has also been blamed on the government saying there have been a debate over which sect is responsible for handling the dangerous material. The Amonium Nitrate has been sitting at the port since 2013, but nothing was done to it. Beirut is Lebanon's major port and lebanon is a high importer of necessities. With the blast, the Lebanon government is finding it hard to currently meet with its citizens needs as they needed to be imported into the country.

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Let's hope that all countries come out of this tough crisis and improve their economies

Don't believe on religious leaders because they always manipulate the people because of politics. politicians only see their benefits. This is what happening in india also. And this problem is exist in every country. If there is no religion conflict then there is color conflict and politician take benefits from this situation.

Hi dear friend @gbenga
I remember that, it was very impressive, I even saw a video of a person who was very close to the place and who I assume did not survive, the governments of that country are similar to those of Latin America, corrupt and mediocre I hope that in the future everything improves, the citizens of that country and of Latin America we deserve better governors

Hello @gbenga what happened with the explosion in Beirut, is a clear example of irresponsibility and arrogance on the part of their rulers, having stored ammonium nitrate without the right conditions was a time bomb, although it is used as fertilizer any sudden change in storage conditions make it a potential threat.

Hello @gbenga

The Blast of the Amonium Nitrate has also been blamed on the government saying there have been a debate over which sect is responsible for handling the dangerous material.

Beyond looking for which religious sect is directly responsible or guilty of this unfortunate tragedy, the only thing that is evident is that there are governmental errors of the political system in Lebanon, where laziness and corruption prevail independently of the religious condition, therefore, I believe that this is not a religious issue, but a social and moral break of the Lebanese state.

Another country in disgrace, the product of a few men who only want power for their personal interests, corruption generates poverty no matter what flag is placed on it, I hope they can get ahead.