The World Will not Remain the same when this Pandemic is Over

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A lot of us are tired of post concerning Covid-19, in fact, so many people are sick of the Covid-19 news and just wish all of this would pass but the truth is we are in this and we will have to live with it. We have been living with a lot of diseases, and viruses like Hepatitis, HIV and Aids, as well as other ones which we have not found cure to and yet we still stand strong and keep surviving. My condolences to everyone who lost a person or the other to this deadly virus, we hope a vaccine comes out soon. Interestingly, I have not seen anyone with this virus firsthand or even know of anyone indirectly who has this virus in my country, but the government tells us that the cases are increasing daily. One aspect I know the virus has affected a lot of us is business, socially, economically and in finance. I have been affected by this and I must say that a lot of people have been affected in this way as well.

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What will be the real state of the world after the pandemic?

Let us be sincere, a lot of countries have started easing the lockdown and things are starting to get back to normal. Unlike in the past when companies were a large spaces and offices where many people get to transact daily but with the pandemic, a lot of people are turning to remote working and so many companies have reduced the number of people they allow into their facility.

The internet is going to be the next office hub, no doubt. I was talking to my fiancée’s brother to help out with an ecommerce website where I could move my business to and he saw reasons with me why I needed to scale the market using the internet as a tool. This is the same thing that will be happening in so many companies. Instead of going to the grocery, people will have to order for whatever they want from the comfort of their homes.

What will happen to businesses which cannot afford the technology or where contact is needed?

There are a lot of jobs which cannot go completely remote like pharmaceutical companies and hospitals, also there are a lot of businesses which cannot afford the technology being used. With this, a lot of things will have to tilt a little. Also, social distancing cannot continue to hold full time if schools will be opened fully. A lot of things will remain the same while so many things will change. The truth is, the internet will become the next business hub and ground for the next decade, thanks to the pandemic.


Greetings friend. I share with you the idea that after this pandemic happens many things will not remain the same, and that is that we will not pick up our life where we left off, there will be new conditions; especially the labor field is the one that will experience more changes, thanks to the pandemic many companies have realized the potential of teleworking, also many educational centers will continue to employ distance strategies, so I think that the Internet will be an even more important tool in the post-pandemic world.

Thanks a lot my friend for the comment. I am sure to say that employees will be affected the most by this pandemic. It is true that life won't remain the dame for a lot of people.

This is true and we are going to have a different world and lifestyle once covid is almost over.

This is right. I hope we all adapt to this new way of life easily and fast.

Hello friend @gbenga the truth is that many countries are trying to save their economy, for example, I am in Colombia and here the president is relaxing the quarantine, they have practically eliminated it and people will be able to go out to work. The truth is that I think it is necessary because the virus will continue to be present.

we have to live with the virus until there is a vaccine. The lockdown or quarantine has been eased in a lot of countries and i hope we can start living our lives normally.

My condolences to everyone who lost a person or the other to this deadly virus, we hope a vaccine comes out soon.

If you go by the stats, then the majority with co-morbidities died when they contracted COVID-19. So although it s is a threat until a vaccine comes out. This is not an outright threat as it is marketed. If your immune system is strong enough you can still very easily fight against this even if you are contracted the virus.

That said, there is no room for complacency either.

You are right, i really do not understand how this thing is marketed. I do not know if there are a few people making money from spreading news about disasters.

The truth has been said, you are really correct the pandemic is affecting so many businesses and we certainly may just have to work with the change based on what we have, we will have to tilt our desires to allign with important changes.

Personally I wish the pandemic will dissappear completely, the way business is been affected is really not funny at all. Like you have suggested we need to move according to the rhythm of the moment by checking out other options we can use to leverage our business and keep moving forward.

It is true that we are not going to start working from where we left off, but as my grandmother says, things always happen for a reason, this thing we are living with the pandemic can be the beginning of a good beginning since there are many companies that are trying to save their economy, we have an example not too far away, my country Colombia is relaxing little by little the quarantine taking their respective protocols respecting the pandemic with levels of prevention, and they are trying to acclimatize everything where people can continue their work. Thank you for sharing your article

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