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Every business or organization faces alot of limitations everyday, infact for every journey to the top is a journey of breaking limits. If you are the CEO of any company then part of your job jurisdictions is to seek for a way to break different limitations existing in your organization or company. How effective you break this limitations determine how well your company will grow and achieve greater exploits at the end of the day


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If you will break limitations then you need to understand some principles such as

1. Understand the principles of collaboration

If one man will break a wall it take time but if ten men will break the same wall and there is a full cooperation between them then I am sure that the time taken will be less. You need to understand that when it come to some limitations, you cannot break it alone you need the support of your staff to do that. So you must understand this principles and work towards using it for the growth of your company.

2. Understand the principles of pressing

You need constant force to break some limitations, it takes constant force and energy applied to break through some walls. Your energy talks about labour strength and how well they channel it to the task they want to achieve.

3. Understand the principles of Vision and pursuit

Everyone that have break through limit whether in business, sport or all other areas of life envision it, pursue it and give their life for it. Coca cola had a vision of being the best in the world, Now almost every house know about coca cola today, they envision it, pursue it and off cause they are one of the best soft drink in the world. So I can say that they are close to achieving that vision, if they have not achieve it already.

4. Understand the principles of discipline and sacrifices

Discipline and sacrifices should be the atmosphere of your organization or company if truely you are interested in breaking limit.

Breaking limit can consume time, energy and at the same time not an easy process but if you press into breaking that limit in your business, the reward that accomplished it worth the sacrifice and discipline that you pay.


Continuoes pressure without looking back will provide a better result at the long run, the key is never to quit no matter how tough it gets.

That's right

We will surely always face limitations but if we are determined enough, we can break that limit

Every company and organization must take into account that everything has a limit, that it is necessary to think about the future in the middle and long terms for the scope of its profits, it is willing to change, no businesses are extremely, and not fall into a capital sin that leads us to ruin, where the objectives have a time to achieve.

Good article, overcoming the limitations will depend on the leaders and not on the managers, the company owners want to see it at the top but what they do not take into account is that the higher the altitude, the more problems to overcome .

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