Fighting Against the COVID-19 With Emerging Technologies

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Greetings to the wonderful people and to the owner of the community @crypto.piotr for operating such a wonderful community in a great manner.
As the pandemic COVID-19 is ongoing around the globe, Singapore has opted to sort the matter out with the help of latest technology using specialized robots to kill the virus in the DNA.
Dr Cristian Huscher has used technologies such as robotics and Artificial intelligence in order to tackle their problems for a long time.
Using his knowledge, he opted to provide his skills in order to use robotics and Artificial intelligence in order to fight against surgical diseases in the Policlinico Abano chain of hospitals in Italy.



As this help was in continuation, some of the doctors in the hospital got affected by Corona Virus, Dr Cristiano saw the vulnerability and unstoppable spread of the disease, he turned towards technology and decided to design robots that will kill the virus.
He designed the UVD-ROBOTS.



These UVD-ROBOTS are used for regular cleaning purposes as they are mainly used to kill viruses bacteria and other germs and since its a machine it eliminates human error.
These Robots eliminate viruses bacteria and other harmful micro organisms in the environment by breaking their DNA structures. The main features of these robots are that they are safe, can be trusted and are user friendly designed to be easily operated by Regular cleaning staff.
This is the basic demonstration of how these robots are used and how they function against the ongoing situations in the world.





These Robots that are designed using latest technologies, carry Ultra Violet C rays and diminish the existence of any kind of virus contained in the room.
There are other special robots desgined by Scientists that roam around in social areas such as parks and other places in order to make sure whether the social distancing is being maintained or not.

After the Invention of UVD robots, companies started focusing on the technology and reached a point wherr they got pilot drones to clean the cars and buses in order to remove the outspread of virus using "UV LIGHT".
But what they found was that this light cant get into the rooms where people are residing and if they somehow manage to do this, this light can cause skin cancer and cornea and other such diseases to humans. Keeping this in mind, they introduced a new technology i.e far UVC-Light which scientists said is safe and csnt penetrate into the human skin protecting them from severe diseases and cleaning the viruses.

Some other robots designed by The group of scientists are also useful as they determine the temperature of human body ten feets away and(if higher than normal) they alert the surroundings and the person with high fever to maintain distance and take necessary steps to avoid the spread if the disease is Real.

Many Companies had already started preparing such robots in order to get free from the surface viruses as millions of people were getting effected by different viruses and most of them died due to lste recognition, therefore such companies raised the technology bar high and started preparing disinfectious mobile robots that could roam around in a room and zamp out the surface viruses in 10-15 minutes.
Such robots had earlier hit the markets in 2018-19.

This effective use of technology should readily be adopted by the whole world as tha Italian chain of hospitals are using and getting benefited by such robots that are working without getting tired and reducing human errors as well.

Since it is an elongated and expensive procedure, there are Acts around the globe promoting such use of technology and providing financial aids to companies that require loans and aids to complete their required projects and serve humanity.The CARES Act is performing this purpose in the United States.

This is my very first post thereby forgive me if i have made any mistakes here.

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Dr Cristiano saw the vulnerability and unstoppable spread of the disease, he turned towards technology and decided to design robots that will kill the virus.
He designed the UVD-ROBOTS

Dr Christiano has really done a great job coming up with such a great problem technique in the medical sector with the use of Robot

There's actually no doubt that most scientist and doctors are now making use of technological approach to solve the problem arising from Coronavirus pandemic. There have been different technologies produced such as robots, drones and other great technological means which are now included in the medical sector.

I'm really glad the world is now delving into more advanced technologies utilized in medical sectors to save more lives and to make work more easier and convenient for the medical practitioners.

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Technology is indeed going to help us in so many ways to fight and overcome this difficult period.

Thank you for sharing about the amazing use of technology.

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