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RE: Important reminder: PROJECT HOPE against PLAGIARIZM and post spinning

in Project HOPE4 months ago

It's really sad to hear about Project Hope members engaging in plagiarism and post spinning again after the team took their time to explain the implications of such act and it was also added to the pin post of the community group! This is really a very bad act or is it that some people I hiding under project hope community to commit this illegal action? Because I don't really understand what's really going on ☹️

In case any of you would commit such an action and would get caught, PH will not be punishing and pursuing such a user. You won't receive downvote. However, if a similar situation will repeat itself, then our support with come to a COMPLETE STOP.

We don't want such users here. They shouldn't think of using Project Hope as their shield to commit such act. Such people should not make use of Project Hope community if that's what he or she intends to do.

I'll suggest that every member of project hope should start fishing out these set of plagiarist or anyone found guilty of such offense should be reported to @project.hope discod channel community group.

The fact is that it's not always okay to do for others what you can't do for yourself! How will you feel if someone starts your content to earn for their personal gain. This is a very bad act and it should be avoided. There are some people who lost their jobs due their habit of plagiarism (this happens in school environment).

Please let's make Project Hope community free from plagiarism because the lack of plagiarism in the community has really helped us grow a lot and we won't allow plagiarist to disturb our great community.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead

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