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Glad you put an ADA post together. Meaning to take a deep dive into the community.

I hope many steemians and investors could get their benefits and know their rights.
Crypto world change so fast, so even some professionals do not know every change. cannot.
And I even do not know the clear future of ADA. But it clearly has some very beneficial feature that could be utilized in 3rd world countries that do not have enough financial infra structure.
Without banks or other brokers, someday we could manage most of financial matters.
And there are also alternatives and compete each other to survive.
Let’s see what future we could have.

I have not heard a bad word about ADA. It must fill a need. Maybe ETH caters too much to the wealthy. Just a thought from your comment.

 5 months ago (edited)

Hello @harryji.

I have found an article very similar to yours.

Every word, every phrase, are alike.
Although the images you used, were outdated to the current status.

You can see the current status here:

I would like to know your opinion on this. It is unusual for two people to write the same way.

Regards, @juanmolina
@project.hope co-founder

I already mentioned this comes from the website.
And this info are verified by myself. That means I checked that by myself and asked some info to cardano community members. I verified with my device and installed software.

Everybody could refer to the site that I mentioned including you and others.
But ubfortunately most of investors do not know this inluding you even though they have crytpo asset.
Mr. Police, The posting purpose is not to be an artist or just creator.
We are here to be helpful to let others know helpful information. If you are official PH leader or policy maker, you can reveal your opinion as an your community opinion.
And PH opinion is not like me, I do not want to post in there anymore.
One of big reason I post on some unfamilir community sometimes is to make them dynamic and energized like before. Not to get big vote. totally I cannot expect that from you.
I do not want argue with you anymore. This is the last commet about your job.
But you have any question or feedback about the contents as others do, anytime welcome!
If you have any other idea about that, it is also welcome.

 5 months ago 

So you publicly admit that the content was not created by you. You just took it from the site.

If you wanted to share that information with us because you are super nice and wanted to enlighten us with your knowledge, then you should have made the necessary QUOTES.

As you present the information, you give the impression that you developed the content yourself. And it was not so.

If you are an official PH leader or policy maker, you can reveal your opinion as an opinion of your community.

Project Hope's policies are long established and well known to our respected members. Among them is the total rejection of Content Plagiarism.

You are a repeat offender in this behavior, you had already been given a warning:

If you have any other idea about that, it is also welcome.

No, It is all.

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