Stock Investment from Cartoonist

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Source: Sisajournal

One of famous Korean cartoonist “Heo Youngman” appeared in youtube channel thaat generally interviews specialist on investment and relevant fields.

He is known for his passionate effort to make high quality cartoon contents that all comes from his real experience.
When he published the cartoon strip “A dependent”, he had experienced many circumstance of food and dishes by himself. The cartoon “A dependent” is an food and dishes, so he visited lots of raw food production places and restaurants nationwide.

Recently he published a new cartoon strip that is about stock investment.
He invited 6 professional stock investors and gave USD 9,000 amount each and asked to invest on stock. And he and all professionals started stock investment that was to experience the stock investment world by himself.

Source: Youtube Channel “신사임당(Sin Saim Dang)“

He shared his experience of that investment and adviced a bit about stock investment.

  1. Stock investment requires a lot of study and it requires investors know similar amount and quality of information as professionals do know. This will give higher chance of winning ratio.

  2. Stock Investment is like the arts or sports. it needs natural-born ability.

  3. Stock Investment talent means to capture the points of chances well. It needs to know the time of buying and selling.

  4. Sometimes beginners may have more profitability than professinals

  5. In long-term view, the investors who have high margins commonly have their own principles. And they keep their principles anytime.

  6. In corona pandemic, investors who didn’t keep their principles and used much leverage may have lost much money.

Source: Financial Times, KOSPI

And he confessed that he got negative profit from this pilot investment
and asked people not to invest and just read his cartoons. :)


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hello @harryji :

very interesting publication, it is very cool to know how even in the world cartoons can do business,I did not know about this man and thanks to your information I have found out some great tips in case I ever risk investing.

Oh and welcome to our community, I hope you c many links, friends and good relationships !.

I really feel stock investment is for expert and anyone who is not completely skilled for the process should learn from experts or clearly stay away from it.

I am just hearing about him for the first time and he sounds intelligent. Investment is indeed a risk where so much credits and losses are associated.

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