How profitable is tron in staking, passive income

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Hello friends, I hope you are very well, today I bring you something that I love and it is passive income some time ago I saw a post from my friend @ achim03 on how to stake with Tron, I really did not know what could be done so that post It seemed very interesting and I decided to put it into practice, I share with you what the experience was like and how good the profitability is.

The first thing I did was create a tron wallet, since I did not have it, create it at which is the official site, when you enter you will see the option that is to connect with the wallet when entering there they must choose by which means they will connect with tronscan as I did not have a wallet select the option to import a wallet when entering there you will have the option to create one or to import one if you already have it.

After having our wallet already active what we must do is add funds to it, Tron is traded on most exchanges so it is very easy to get any altcoin to Tron to be able to send the funds to our wallet.

After we have the funds in our wallet what we are going to do is freeze them, by freezing our tokens apart from the Tron Power that we generate we have two additional options that are energy and bandwidth, this time I transferred 3018 TRX, half of that bone amount 1509 freezes it for energy and the other 1509 bandwidth

After we freeze all our tokens we have to vote for a super representative, these super representatives have a role similar to that of the witnesses, and also depending on the number of votes they come to be in the top 27 who are the ones who recently reward for supervising the Tron blocks

In Tron, voting rounds are held every 6 hours so there are 4 voting rounds a day, in each vote the position of the super representative is decided and also in each round they earn their rewards, each super representative has the option to share with everyone those who voted for them the reward won, obviously the most recommended is to choose a super representative who distributes the entire reward, so I chose one who distributes 100% in each vote

Now we go with the most interesting numbers to see the profitability of the staking, I freeze a total of 3018 TRX and after 24 hours I earn 0.4208 TRX, making a small rule of 3 we get the% that would be 0.014% daily, which would give 0.41% monthly or 5% annually.

It is certainly not a very attractive%, since here I am currently voting from 0.03% to 0.06% per day or 0.9% to 1.8% monthly or 10.8% to 21.6% annually, it is certainly a much better amount, of course to take into account that TRX allows us to have 100% of the liquid token in just 3 days, I think that having a part of our TRX portfolio in staking is almost like having a conventional savings account with almost immediate withdrawal but also a% low gain

I think it is a good option to put some money from the emergency fund that everyone should have, as we can have it available in 3 days and it gives a higher% to conventional savings accounts. I think it could go up to 20% from the emergency fund to tron

Well friends, I hope you liked this post, if you have any questions, you can ask me, I will gladly reply.

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Not giving out too much tokens for free is good tokenomics, I guess thats the case with tron and the reason why the returns are low

hello how are you, without a doubt inflation is a factor that if uncontrolled can harm tokens, that is something that is quite dangerous here in steem

I'm glad to see you here dear friend, this is very interesting tron ​​will be on my list of future investments, maybe the profitability is not the best but if the crypto rises I suppose that the token tron ​​also and there you could see the profit you want

Hi, how are you? Yes, when we do not know which tokens are going to make the leap to the heavens, it is good to diversify, what I like about tron is that it is very far from its historical maximum


Hello @hendersonp.

Very important to take into account this consideration of TRON as a token that can serve us as a future investment, greetings and thanks for sharing.

Hi @carlos84 , how are you? Yes, definitely the investments in all the tokens are in the future, although this end of the year could surprise us and well I hope it is like that, regards

The apr is really low I must say though it is better than sitting quiting in the wallet not yielding anything.