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RE: IT'S OFFICIAL! Our new partnership is starting TODAY. Let's see where will it take us ...

in Project HOPE7 months ago

Hello @project.hope , without a doubt, we needed a quick and easy way to transfer our steem to other crypts and vice versa

1} I don't know if it is a mistake but the minimum fee to transfer steem to btc is too high just to pay the exchange fee 230 steem is needed, it is too much money.

2} To change to USD and TRX, from what I saw the commission amount to change to usd is $ 1, to change 500 steem to $ almost 2 $ is charged while for that same amount of steem if we pass it to TRX the fee is 60 trx which is approximately $ 1, which indicates that for now the only viable option for small and medium amounts is to transfer steem to TRX

3} For a moment I thought that the fees were a fixed% but then I realized that changing 1500 steem to TRX cost 179.86 TRX while changing 1600 steem to TRX costs 80., so I assume that from 1500 steem the% of the fee is reduced by half, that's why I still find the steem fee to TRX a bit expensive, although it is undoubtedly the best option

4} Super friendly and intuitive platform, which is the most important thing to massify its use

I think that in general terms it is fine, it is only necessary to review the fees, I know that everything has an operating cost but at least that of the BCT seems a little disproportionate


 6 months ago 

Dear @hendersonp

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

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