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RE: Project Hope 1000 Subscribers - My Introduction to PH by @juanmolina

Dear @juanmolina, we already know each others thanks to Piotr which is a very good friend of mine, so thanks to show us that hive communities are still working in steemit. I am your follower, but i am moderator of @steem-bounty community too, which always welcome good content writers like your team, some time @crypto.piotr and @lanzjoseg using it and i like it very much, do you keep here in steemit or you are moving to hive soon?

 7 months ago 

Greetings dear friend @intellihandling.

Steem bounty has been doing a wonderful job a long time ago. I know how it works. At some point I have used it.

As for moving to Hive, I must confess that I eventually post there, but I'm still feel rooted in Steem.

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