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RE: Project Hope 1000 Subscribers - My Introduction to PH by @juanmolina

in Project HOPE7 months ago

Hi @juanmolina

My most sincere congratulations to you and the entire PH team, as I read your publication I was very moved by your words and how you express your experience in this project.
I must make a recognition for the great work you have done since its beginning, as well as my respect and recognition to @crypto.piotr for its beautiful initiative that has allowed to help many people, many of them from my beloved country Venezuela.
In spite of having little time being part of PH I include myself when affirming: "We will continue growing and strengthening the project and contributing to give to the platform a new image and the sense that it has lost in great part ".
Hugs @juanmolina

 7 months ago 

You can affirm with certainty that you belong to Project Hope.
We are a great expanding Family.
So, welcome!

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