Technology one of the sectors most favored by the Covid-19

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After several months where the global negative effects at the socioeconomic level are considered one of the worst seen by humanity, contradictory there are some economic sectors that have certainly been favored by the pandemic and this could remain in the time even after it, but this statement no one can make it even with certainty today.




The historical economic recession that the world is experiencing as a result of the pandemic is no secret to anyone; however as a consequence of it, there are significantly favored sectors among which we can highlight:


Due to the measures established worldwide related to social distancing, organizations established telework as an option for their workers to keep their jobs, giving continuity to the activities they carried out in the offices so that they could carry them out from their homes.

Among the most used platforms for teleworking are: Zoom, Slack, Webex and / or Gotomeeting, as well as other communication tools such as: Skype, Google Hangouts and / or WhatsApp.

On the other hand, electronic commerce obtained an increase of more than 100% due to the fact that users preferred the use of platforms to place their orders and make purchases rather than directly at their facilities.
Additionally, a significant increase in Network Security has been evidenced, due to the greater probability of being objects of cyber attacks; as well as Communication Services such as video games and Social Networks.

However, this trend of increased use of technologies is estimated by experts to be that they can remain for a considerable period after the end of the pandemic, due to the multiple benefits that new technologies have provided users with. like those who already used it.

Other applications with a higher rebound

During the quarantine and even after social isolation in some countries that have already made it more flexible, a rebound in various applications has been seen, including one used by Tik-Tok.
This relatively new application is one of the most preferred among post-millennials and young children, aged between 8 and 15 years.
It is important to highlight that the Tok-Tok has achieved absolute success during this time of the pandemic, due to the fact that it has caused a very particular addiction among the youngest and even the not so young, achieving distraction and fun in a single application. , in a very varied and dynamic way.

However, the Tik-Tok is one of the applications that has reached millions of users in a very short time and is a product of extreme concern to parents and representatives of children and adolescents, due to the content that may be presented in it.


Conclusion as a Reflection

Contradictory to a pandemic that has affected the world economy in a way never seen before, the technology sector has been the most favored in the face of such a recession, with high expectations that this sector will maintain an excellent post-pandemic status.



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I guess Evey pandemic has a sector that it favours and technology is truly one sector that has been favoured by this deadly pandemic, it is this period that inventions that will last for a long time is being created.

Hi @ajewa
That's right, in fact, these inventions have many possibilities to be maintained over time, it will be seen
Thanks for comment

Yes indeed the pandemic has indeed favoured the technology sector as we can see new applications rising to the top.

Hi @eni.ola
Certainly, others will surely continue to appear with high expectations.
Thanks for comment

Hello friend you are very right the technology has been the most benefited in time of quarantine and surely will be for a long time, and people do not want to leave their homes first because there are those who managed to work that way and secondly out of fear. It will be difficult to return to the life of before.

Hi @franyeligonzalez
Certainly friend, there is talk of a "new normal" that will not be anything like how we lived before the pandemic. Let's hope it happens.
Thanks for your comment

The crash was pending long before the CV pandemic came along. Clearly, the pandemic was simply the trigger.

As for any sectors which are benefiting from the pandemic, that hardly gives us any reasons to be optimistic. The pandemic is far from over, and the cumulative effects will be horrendous.

Anyway, best of luck.

Hi @majes.tytyty
Let us hope that humanity can overcome the consequences of the pandemic in the best possible way.
Thanks for your comment.