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Hello steemians, I'm Joshua and in this post, I'd like to share with you which CryptoCurrency is my favorite and how we can get businesses to accept it as payment.

C r y p t o c u r r e n c i e s - are digital monetary assets. They can be used in place of regular money (like paper currencies) as a medium of exchange. There are a lot of CryptoCurrencies existing today, some of them are, Bitcoin (BTC), Etherum, XRP (XRP), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), etc.

I started my CryptoCurrency journey with steem and it still remains the only CryptoCurrency I have. Yes, It's my favorite and I'll tell you why.

I heard about bitcoin around 2016 and later on I came across ethereum. Frankly, I didn't seem to care much because it was not popular and before now, I have always fancied my money being in cash (paper money) or in a bank. The idea of having to sell and buy digital money for physical cash sounded complicated to me if at all it was safe. I would ask questions like, Who is going to hold the money? Can I sell it at any time? Will I make a gain selling it when I need it or must I always wait till the value appreciates? How do I know which of the digital currencies will appreciate in value?

Hence I didn't find suitable answers to this questions, I never seemed to bother about cryptos. However, that would change when I came across STEEM.


W h y - I - l i k e - S T E E M - a n d - h o w - I - u s e - i t
I liked STEEM because it not only answered my questions but it also addressed the reason why I was asking those questions - I was going to have to use MY FIAT MONEY to buy a crypto.

With STEEM, I mustn't use my fiat money to buy, I can simply earn significantly by just being active on the STEEMIT platform. To the best of my knowledge, that's a great way to enter the crypto world.

Now, I spend some time on STEEMIT being active, earn and trade with my earnings.

W h e n - I - l e a r n t - a b o u t - S T E E M - a n d - h o w - l o n g - I ' v e - h e l d - i t
I learnt about STEEM in August 2020. I've held STEEM for 1 month now.

W h i c h - p l a t f o r m - I - l i k e - t o - t r a d e - S T E E M
I like to trade steem on ROQQU. With this platform, I can withdraw in my local currency and they also have good rates.

W h a t - c h a n g e s - S T E E M - h a s - b r o u g h t - t o - m y - l i f e
STEEM has given me a new source of income. It was my gateway to the crypto world. Now I can buy and sell CryptoCurrencies. I'm now interested in which currency is rising and which currency isn't and I can study the various cryptos' performance curves. It has also made me want to get deeply involved in cryptos, something I never thought of before.

H o w - c a n - w e - g e t - b u s i n e s s e s - t o - a c c e p t - t h e - c r y p t o c u r r e n c y - a s - p a y m e n t ?
For any business to accept any cryptocurrency as payments, the owners of such business or the business will have interests in crypto as a medium of exchange. Sensitization is one way to raise interests in cryptos as an ideal form of payment. With the right sensitization, people can get involved in crypto and the also use it as a form of payments.

Another way is if financial institutions like banks include cryptos among their currencies. This will be a major boost. If people come to realize that they can collect payments in form of cryptos and save it in their bank account and there is even a huge possibility that the money can increase by up to 20%, crypto will boom. This is my opinion.

Let me end by sharing my plan for crypto as a form of payment.

I currently run an online store. At some point, I plan to set out some best-selling products and give special discounts to people who will pay via crypto currencies. This is the catch, appreciation of the value of that crypto currency will cover up for the discount give and even add more value. I won't do it on some many products at the beginning because I'd wait for the crypto to appreciate in value then withdraw.

Getting business owners to know about this possibility is the sensitization I talked about.

Thanks for reading.


It will be a dream come through for businesses to begin to accept crypto as a means of payment, in my country getting involved in crypto is a form of scam.

Hmn. But if you're a business owner, you can start out accepting crypto. I think someone just has to start. I'm planning to but I'm still learning this crypto thing.

Steemit is a great solution for many people, personally in my case it has saved my life,providing a stable source of income doing what is my passion and love.

I had not seen you before in PH so I welcome you and thanks for your interesting contribution to the community.

Thank you very much. I just joined PH recently. This is my first post.

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