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Any business venture that will last must first of all begin with rigorous planning and strategizing. Deciding to embark on an entrepreneurial journey is always daunting. There is no guarantee and also you will have no idea of all the obstacles you will face in the process.

Before taking any step towards starting a business it is of maximum importance that you be confident in your ability to carry out the project. And that is the reason why this article is being put together; to open your hearts to the various things you should ponder upon before starting your own business.
The following are various things you must ensure are put in place before starting your own business:
Have a plan and vision: to be successful in business you must first and foremost create a plan, have a vision, you must set some goals to keep you focused and motivated.

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Develop your vision and know the “why” for your starting the business in the first place.
Nature of the business: before starting a business, the first thing you should think about is what you will offer, what services are you going to render to people. If you don’t understand the nature of the business you want to start then the business is bound to fail even before you started anything.
Size of firm: it is important to put into consideration to size of business you want or the size of business you can afford and maintain before venturing into the business. If the entrepreneur is confident that the demand of the proposed product is likely to be good over time and he can arrange the necessary capital and other requirements for business, then he could start the business on a large scale but if market condition is uncertain and have high risks, the entrepreneur should consider a small scale business as a better choice.

The target customer: you must make a research if the business you are planning to venture into has a market for it. Identify who your potential customers are. There must be specific customers that you are targeting.

Location of the business: this also is a very important factor to consider before starting a business, you do not take your business to a location where your service is not required; take for instance, it is unwise to sell a generator in a location where there is constant power supply but your business will thrive if the location matches the demand of the customers. In starting a business you must choose a location that is most favorable to your line of business with consideration of factors like the availability of raw materials and labour, communication, nearness to customers, power supply, warehousing and many others.

Capital: capital is the amount you need to put into your business to get it started. Before starting a business you must first sit down and count the cost; list out the possible spending you need to make to start and operate, such as renovation, operating expenses, assets to buy and many others.
Competition: many times people do not consider this factor before starting their businesses. It is important to check the level of competition for the business you want to start; it is until you know the level of competition that you will be able to think of ways to stand out.

Financial Management: before starting a business it is important to have a clear financial plan on how you will manage your finances; this will help you manage your funds well.
Your Self-Discipline: For any entrepreneur to be successful, he / she must be disciplined, being an entrepreneur means that you are at the heart of your business idea, you will be the one to hold yourself responsible. It takes discipline for you to be able to manage your money adequately; many entrepreneurial firms have closed down too early because of the mismanagement of funds. Before starting a business you must first of all work on your self-discipline, you must be able to set standards and rule and still keep to them religiously.

If all the money that comes from your business is for spending, then you are on the highway to business failure, an entrepreneur who is not disciplined with money is not fit to start a business. As an entrepreneur, you will have to stick to your business plans, make and respect your budget, you must be able to dedicate time to ensuring the development of your business, and you must be disciplined to meeting the goals you set for yourself.

Follow your passion: when the going gets tough what will keep an entrepreneur going is their passion for their business, if you don’t have passion for your business, any wave of setback will be capable of wearing out your determination in making the business work. With passion, you will also be more effective in communicating both the potential of your project, and you own potential as an entrepreneur. Before starting a business you have to make sure that your idea is something that drives you, something that you derive joy in doing, something that gives you utmost satisfaction.
Be flexible: change is a constant factor in life, an entrepreneur who must succeed must be flexible enough, although it is understandable that when a goal is set, it can be hard to accept changes but no matter how hard and difficult it may seem, an entrepreneur must be open to change and improvement. The world is changing every day, likewise the methods of satisfying customers’ demands, if you don’t adapt to the changes, your business will become outdated and in the long run, you tend to lose customers which will in turn run your business down.

Choice of form of ownership: before starting up your own business, you must think of the form of ownership you want for the business. You many decide to take the form of sole proprietorship, partnership or maybe a joint stock company. Although each of this forms have their merits and demerits, the choice of the form of business depends on certain factors such as the line of business, liability of ownership, continuity of business etc.

Competent and committed workforce: Every form of business needs competent hands and committed workforce to perform various activities that will ensure that the physical and financial resource of the business is met with the desired output. It is true that no individual entrepreneur can run the business all by himself, he must identify the requirement for skilled and unskilled labour, he should also make plans on how the employees will be trained and motivated into giving their best performance for the business.
As an entrepreneur, the fate of your business lies in your hands, it is either you make it grow, or you make it diminish. The above factors, If well considered will give the entrepreneur an upper hand in the business industry. Never rush into any business no matter how small or less important it may look, take your time, count the cost, weigh the pros and cons and I bet you will have an excellent business in the long run.


Yeah, all these points and many more have to be considered when starting a business. Nice piece

Entrepreneurship is an arduous task, a job that must be done with all possible determination, taking care of every factor as you mention, sometimes it is the details that give the triumph and when it comes to a business you have to take care of them all, your post is very well thought out, success,@jessica999

Those are amazing keypoints and insights , I agree never ever rush into any business!

Serious understanding is needed before going into business, running into business without having an understanding of the business will result in a huge loss.

Hello @jessica999 Excellent recommendations for those starting a business, having a strategy and considering the aspects you mention here are a key to success...thanks for sharing!