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RE: SMALL ANNOUNCEMENT: please refrain from promoting Project.hope and bringing new members

in Project HOPE2 months ago

A fisherman throwing fish into the water. First you send massive memos to promote and now you close the doors. Seeing you this busy makes me very happy because it means that you have been very successful, so much so that now you might be worried about how big your project has become. Who doesn't need hope in these times? Regarding the abusers you will always find them everywhere, especially when it comes to money, it is our duty to create mechanisms that allow us to protect ourselves from them without affecting those who genuinely seek to be part of what we do. My friend, you should not restrict the entry of people, you always read me and commented when I was active a couple of years ago and I appreciate you very much so I give you my humble advice:

  1. The problem you raise seems to be based on money, if the price went up, if the price will go down, the amount of SP handling the account and things like that. If that is the whole problem then it is simpler than it seems and not so serious as to scare away new members, because money is not everything, and nowhere do you make a promise to support all the content promoted in your community so you are not obliged to do so, plus you have no way to prevent them from coming.

  2. If this is a community then you are not alone, it is not as if they only need your economic support. People also seek to socialize, maybe one day you are absent and when you return you find the project at a level you never dreamed, this is because what moves the communities are its members, it is true that we must be organized but people can interact with each other without our intervention, leave the money as second priority and worry more because the members of the community learn to support each other.

  3. As for the economic support you should establish clear criteria and mechanisms that will free you from the burden, you can assign a group of people to attend to new users, a group dedicated to hunt abusers, a group dedicated to hunt talents.

If your community grows so does steemit and I am sure you will be taken into account by @steemcurator01 or someone important of steemit to notice the contributions of your community to provide more SP to your project.

But these are just my humble and sincere advices to you!
I hope your success will continue to multiply.

 2 months ago 

Appreciate your kind comment @jesusjacr :)