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RE: What does Just Swap exchange going live and Just-Steem partnership mean to Steem holders?

in Project HOPE5 months ago

Is STEEM listed yet? Has there been any other comments from Justin or @steemitblog about how this will work for STEEM?

From the outside looking in, it looks like it launched with all the other coins they were mentioning, but without STEEM for whatever reason?


I think there’s activity on the Steem Github on wallets, so maybe something soon.

Is there a link to the activity? Thanks in advance!

Check out this link!

There are further commits being done on Github from as soon as just 2 days ago, this is still very much a WIP and active development, very exciting indeed. Hopefully integrating TRX onto steemitwallet is a step towards more collaborations between the two ecosystems.

I might make a post on this later as well as it does pique my curiosity

I agree it looks like many changes in store for the Steem wallet, including addition of Tron tokens to the wallet and a portal to JUST.
I look forward to your post.

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