Shopper's Experience From Konga And Jumia: Which Is By Far The Better? (A Review)

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Image source and are two Nigeria shopping websites I have been buying things from and in the post I hope to share my shopper's experience with you. I don't know if these organisations run outside Nigeria but then I'm making this review based on how their services operates in Nigeria. I first shopped in konga in 2017 I bought a drug that couldn't be found in Nigeria and it took about three weeks to be delivered. However I recently started buying on Jumia and the experience is by far really different from the other and I'll tell you about it.

Customer Care Services

From my experience so far Konga has the better customer care services and this is because they typically reply a mail or an inbox within four hours but Jumia sometimes might take close to 3 days and sometimes more to reply your mail or message and I find this somewhat appalling, although I feel it's because of their large customer base but then they should decentralize the more and provide the best of customer service. I feel customer services play a huge role determining the peer to peer relationships of an organisation and it's publics. So in customer care services, Konga takes it for me.

Cost Of Purchase

I recently purchased a lapel Clip On microphone from Konga which I bought for 2150 naira (Nigerian currency) but In Jumia the same lapel microphone sold for about 400 naira I found this rather bizzare and anyway I still went ahead to purchase it on Konga despite the fact that it was more expensive and I'll actually tell you why. Jumia no doubt is a bigger company to Konga and I think to an extent, they've attained a sort of economic of scale and so they're making more money owe unit sale and hence they have more cheaper rate. So for cost of purchase, Jumia takes it for me.

Delivery, Shipping Time & Fee

Delivery fee varies however most products for Konga are available and ready to go. For example Jumia hadn't shipped the lapel microphone and I'll have to wait for at least 40 days but then on Konga I'll only had to wait for like 4 days to have the same microphone delivered to me. So Konga is more ready and quick but Jumia is more detailing and well they always analyse some product not to sell and so it takes longer for them to actually make it available for customers.

Availability Of Choices & Alternative

So far Jumia has pick up choices; you can either have your good delivered door to door or chose a location near to you where you an go and pick it up. Although first choice is more expensive than the second choice but then the availablity of options and alternative is something that's important and essential and also influences consumer's behaviour. On the other hand Konga has only one option for delivery. As well, Jumia has more efficiency and this is something I also laud about them. And so far I don't know which I'll be choosing anytime soon.

Why This Review?

I'm a sucker for online purchase because it's feels like decentralisation of the market in an online fashion, it reduces stress and redundancies and you're served according to your market segmentation. Precision is also one reason why I like to buy things online but then I have a limit through which I can purchase things online for example I can't buy food items online, except technological accessories and maybe medicines and electrical equipments to a extent. If you're someone who buys from these two organisations, you can drop your comment below and tell me the choices you might likely be going for.

All images are screenshots from my shopping experience except the first one


I haven't really shopped or made any others on both platforms but almost everyone around me seems to be making use of Jumia. I also noticed items on Jumia appears to be more cheaper than the market delivery system is also effective.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead

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