Systems Of Government And Embezzlement Of Resources In African Countries; Who Losses?

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2020 has ushered a socialistic behaviour even when the world is largely democratic. Countries like Nigeria have seen government take total control of distribution and production while people have been locked down, depleting their resources on food and drugs and the government keeps fattening organisations provides essence servicing. However prior to even covid-19 monopoly has been something that's synonyms to Nigerian and it's financial system; giving a few companies the power and the patent alone to supply a particular goods and servicing rather than opening the market, creating opportunities to spread wealth in the hands of many and of course makes the price of goods and services very affordable to the general public. So the truth is, democracy is largely corrupt because it doesn't represent any interest.

Socialism on the other hand allows for too much monopoly. The fact that the government cannot handle a lot of the production and distribution is what will make them look for bodies which they'll assign these duties to and in turn these bodies will exploit the people, seeing they're the only supplier of this services to the general public (we could see this in electricity) (PHCN).. So the practice of democracy hardly represents and this is because in a country like Nigeria, the commander-in-chief is also the president and due to too much decentralisation of power, there's no accountability and resources are being mismanaged in even the lowest grassroot and the structure of the federal system in Nigeria is constructed in a way where embezzlement is synonymous to most sector.

This was seen in the Niger Delta development commission where a project awarded billions of naira in the grassroot was embezzled by the people in charge. So generally the masses always lose whenever the government messes up inflation, prices and or even create subsidy from something like fuel price. The money ends up in the pocket of the government and the people would have been exploited twice for no reason whatsoever. However the most painful part is that they hardly keep this money in the system rather they bounce it around bank accounts in the world, from Canada to Switzerland, enriching other countries and depleting their own state at the detriment of the masses.

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So whatever is practiced always ends up affecting the masses financially because it's the same personnel who are still at the helm of affair. During the military era in the 1970s to 1999 there was so much embezzlement and one general Abacha embezzled a figure that can establish ten African states and up until now Nigeria is still suffering from the financial detriment of Abacha's action. He kept the money in numerous bank accounts all over the world and even after his demise, his family is busy spending the wealth on gold, wristwatches and vanity cars. So system of government isn't always the problem. In 2017 minister of petroleum Diezani Alison-Madueke diverted $6 billion dollars from the Nigerian petroleum reserves in a democratic setting and she splited it to foreign bank accounts once again depleting the country and taking the money out of the system.

The Major Problem.....?

The major problem is not even the stealing and diverting, it's totally confirmed that whatever system is practiced, embezzlement will happen and the masses suffers but the major problem is taking the money out of the system everytime without establishing in the system. Unemployment is huge in Nigeria and currently the unemployment rate in Nigeria is the topmost in Africa. Had it been that these embezzled funds are used to establish companies and firms and employment opportunities, it'll raise GNP to a sizeable limit and of course the masses will benefit, not that I'm justifying embezzlement but then embezzlement is something that can never stop in African countries due to lack of proper measures of accountability. However taking the money out of the system to foreign countries is like robbing the masses twice and this is why poverty is extending irrespective of the system of government put in place.

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It is sad that this corruption appears like something that may not end for a long time, there have been so many activist who were silenced and the corruption just keeps growing everyday.

Yeah it keeps growing everyday, thanks for the comment

Hello friend, the truth is that these countries will always have the same problem, just like the Latin American countries, the rulers do not know how to govern, corruption will always exist is a difficult disease to eradicate.

Corruption can sometimes be too difficult to eradicate

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