The Mind; A Complex Tool That Weaves Billions Of Possible Realities?

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In most case, most people cannot differentiate between reality and a dream this is usually because a dream can be a construct, a completion of the human experience which is actually not undergone but the mind is already acclamatised to the possibility that an experience is likely to happen because it deems it so. Sometimes the physical experience we might never get to go through often becomes our greatest desires and in most cases the things we might never get to experience but crave continuously might have a way of happening to us in a virtual construct which is translated to us in a dream

Although dreams happens for so many reasons, one of the most powerful reason it does so is because it completes a prospect human experience that actually never happened to us. The mind is fragile and it's bendable, It's even more advanced because it can be suggestive, predictive and speculative and even when the body is totally at rest it can still attain full functionality opening up sub-realities quite different from the physical ones we know and sometimes we even marvel at to what extend the mind can actually reach and of course it's the most important part of the human framework.

Sometimes when we say the mind can be suggestive, it does this through things like dreams. Although I do believe there's a more spiritual aspect to dreaming however a major aspect to dreams can be more physical than actually spiritual. Now for example everyone desires a certain kind of experience which they may never live because of some life circumstances however with the mind everything is made possible; no barriers no limitations yet however, it's our physical appearance or physical existence that's characterised with limitations but because the mind is laced with psychic abilities, it doesn't come with limitations.

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So the mind often suggest to us things that might not be possible in reality throughout dreams, a twisted version of our reality that might seem aggrandised, alleviated or even pathetic to an extent. But then it's a metric or a pattern and no one particular knows the pattern. A dream can actually be more instrumental in the way we change our lives, live differently to prevent or to bring to pass a particular experience which we have actually seen sub-consciously and that's how powerful the mind can be. The mind can also be speculative and predictive and this actually runs deeper, into the core human physical self so powerful that it entwines with their physical reality.

Sometimes dreams happens without a particular pattern and sometimes it happens without one. Nevertheless when dreams becomes speculative and predictive it means it's following a pattern and that's one area that we can fully understand. Like I said the mind is advanced and each and everyday we create billions of endless possibilities in our mind which are quite a bit overbloated with the true physical experience that we're actually living. In earnest a dream can carve out a more believeable construction especially when we're not fully conscious and we often end up living through a dream like a reality because our consciousness isn't fully turned on to altercate the stance.


Very good your publication, The mind has an incredible power every day advances but which will create millions of possibilities works more than we think even when we sleep we have the mind working even in dreams we are reflected and more when our consciousness is not fully active if it is altered by something happened to happen is like an engine that works more and more. Greetings friend very interesting post to share

You're right, the mind is bendable and many fragments of possibilities are being born in it everyday. It creates even the possible and the impossible and this is the beauty. It's like there's no limitations when it relates to our mental capacities. Thanks a lot for t comment.

Hello friend, our mind is very powerful, sometimes I think that through dreams the mind communicates with us. Sometimes it doesn't say or talk to us about that which we love or fear so much. For example, when I am anxious about something or I am going to experience a new change the mind begins to plot and even dream about possible situations.

Yeah through dreams the mind becomes powerfully suggestive as well. It shows us many aspect through which we can experience a different form of reality. Thank you for your comment

The mind is the powerhouse and when we utilised the power house effectively, the output is pleasing. Mind has access to many things but most of the time understimated

You're gainfully right. Thanks for commenting

Hi @josediccus, this is an interesting topic, and a very good publication. The mind is powerful and yet so malleable, it seems incredible.
Dreams have always been studied by science, psychology, because it is a kind of hidden language, which says much, but few understand.

Greetings @josediccus, excellent article, being able to read about the human mind will always be an unforgettable experience and even more so if the content is of such high quality as the one you share with us on this occasion, and the title is very true, our mind is extremely complex, hence as you express, it manages to design billions of possible realities, I think that any of us have at some point been able to differentiate between reality and a certain dream, because what we dreamed of we feel so real that we think it has happened, or also sometimes we feel that we have already been in a certain place that we know for the first time, that's how complex our mind is, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Successes.

@josediccus mind is the most beautiful thing in this universe it can do anything we just need to have faith in ourselves and we can achieve anything in life. Mind can do whatever it want to achieve we have seen so much huge Achivement from centuries.

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