The "Ruse" Of The Satisfaction Provided By Centralised Social Medias

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In 2015 I discovered a microsource platform where I could basically earn a few cent doing some mini jobs online, it ranged from watching an ad or watching a YouTube video and leaving a comment or even downloading an app from PlayStore on Android and leaving a review, participating in a survey and test marketing a product that's yet to hit the market. Back then, there was nothing like it and basically it gave my centralised social media activities a little profit for having over 2k friends and followers on other platform. Apart from social experience I could basically earn money for having an amount of followers on Twitter and Instagram as well and this was what what this platform offered.

Sometimes I run my campaign as well and it was like I could get a ready made audience to work for me, so basically I was a worker and a employer at the same time and I could promote some of voting campaign and have people leaving their altruistic views for close to 20 cents in 2015 and this made me even put work into growing my Instagram account so that it could qualify me to take part in some Instagram task that could earn me about 1$. Back then I earned like 3$ to 4$ daily and sometimes I run campaign to further decentralised the reward and have people earning as much as they're setting up campaigns.

It's true that everything the social media does this days is to take and take and this is the most painful aspect. Facebook could contribute to ridding the world of unemployment even if it's giving regular addict a chance to earn maybe $0.50 daily for their dogged user's experience, this will give back to people who are most loyal to facebook, but since people are already loyal to facebook why spend money to tip users already, from's perspective it's a no-brainer right? Truth is, the internet has been totally monetized especially centralised social medias and everything you want to do to attract attention is simply monetized to the core $$$ and anything like meeting people is now it's secondary or tertiary

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When i opened my facebook account back in 2011 I just wanted to meet a nice white girl to date or marry me. I wanted to meet friends, quality would help my writing career as well, but then all these never even happened but then the thrilling of discovering other things kept me on facebook and I spent a whole lot of money for internet fee just to buy a different experience, human craving and a satisfaction for loneliness. It's actually cruel. If you notice, the world's richest people actually profits from people choosing to use their products but then what's so wrong for paying someone back for using your product? Why not decentralise all those billions and give meaning to the many people on the internet microblogging and having huge "likes" and engagement on their pictures?

All those billions in a single person's pocket and I wonder why. Truth is, we'd always have the takers and we'd also have the free givers but is it totally wrong to have a person become a taker and a giver?. The world is running out of jobs, automation is totally taking over. Things like covid-19 is even ensuring this further. That's why we need the internet even more. We might have machine take over services that humans might eventually bring but then since it's more cheaper to have a robot than to pay a group of people, why not?. I believe places like blockchain are already stripping these centralised medias of their massive audience as a result of unwarranted censorship. Feel it's left to people to see this which I believe they will, soon.


There's actually no doubt that the internet can really help you with so many different things most especially when using social media platforms and it really depends on how and what you do with it.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead

Yeah however people needs to see that it's not just about using the social media because currently these centralised owners are only taking and taking without giving or providing people the chance to earn too

You are quite right in what you say, the truth is that decentralization is gaining ground and so are digital applications or tools. Today with the pandemic many people have lost their jobs, I for example, do not work since the pandemic began, but I have tried to do things on the Internet that generate some money. It is not impossible.

It would be great if they paid us for the use of those platforms hehehe I think many people would benefit, but the reality is that it is not like that, and that many people would rather lose time on Facebook than produce money with other platforms that if they value the original content.

but the reality is that it is not like that, and that many people would rather lose time on Facebook than produce money with other platforms that if they value the original content.

This is rather true is you ask me this is one ironic aspect of it that keeps confusing me, hopefully we'll do better than that soon and people can see rhAt Facebook and co won't pay them their data in the long run.

Hopefully soon people realize that there is the 3.0 network where they can monetize their content, here we are waiting for them

Exactly, I'm also hoping for the same too because it'll open a lot of world with possibilities.

@josediccus we are seeing a good growth on the terms of social media and many people are earning from different platforms we will see much more and good platform in the future with good rewards system.

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