When Builders Suddenly Becomes "Get Rich Quick" Mindset'D: Living The Moment

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The Crypto world is constantly evolving and Defi currently is the new thing. One thing I have discovered so far is that airdrops creates a "get rich mentality" in the minds of people and they forget that Crypto itself is the long game and it's constant evolving patterns are just what will come and again, it's like owning a gun stand but over the years the owner decides to sell fireworks as the side gig that attracts quick "short term sale".

What I'm trying to say is that while we will have yield farming, airdrops and other evolution to crypto, these things wouldn't eventually last till eternity. Point is, farming and airdrop might just dwindle tomorrow and they hype will be on something else. It'll mean Making short term money and nothing really steady to build your future on.

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Greed is the reason why people chose shiny Peebles over unprocessed gold. Because they they don't want to go through the hassle of processing the gold. People are everywhere chasing airdrops to claim, "sell, collect dump, take the money" and then they begin to scan for another airdrop to milk. In the beginning of this paragraph, I spoke about people choosing shiny peebles over unprocessed gold.

Airdrops are mostly shiny peebles (not all) while we have diverse crypto projects that will eventually become the future as unprocessed gold that needs time and work to actually become valuable. One thing is, there's no correlation at all. I see a lot of people building their future on the output of airdrops, while taking their money off worthwhile projects to buy into tokens for airdrops presales because they feel the price isn't too good for them to wait.

Sometimes we are sucked Into the sweetness of money, we get lost in our financial compass, we begin to inculcate greed in our everyday choices and then we fail to acknowledge this. Truth is, being exposed to the chance to easily make money makes a lot of people feel they should easily make without having to subscribe to the time and effort we need to put in.

When you aim to make money too quick crypto can constantly disappoint you, it's not crypto that's disappointing in general, but then you want every project to hit it big and give you millions. Truth is many crypto projects will only make people wealthy in the next 2 to 3 years and wouldn't necessarily hit the ground running. The aim is the value a projects brings overtime.

Becoming rich overnight is something a lot of people envisage, Irrespective of the fact that some drops like UNI made some people rich forever in just in one single fell swoop, we shouldn't keep seeing uni in every Crypto project, this would make us hasty and when people are sucked in the camaraderie of money, it makes them milk a solid project to feed a shitty project because the later would bring "quick money" in the short term.

Focus, is the principal thing, money is fleeting but wealth is effortlessly long-term. The difference is, a person might feel they need money in the moment to live a good and expensive life, have a good bank account to take care of some expenses and bills but then bills are temporary and we'd always see a need to pay them forever.

Sometimes people fail to realise they're becoming "the get rich quick" types, they've earned pretty good from solid crypto projects and suddenly their spending habits becomes ostentatious, the amount of money they make from these projects no longer suits their lifestyles financially hence they lose their loyalty.

Wealthy people don't give up on their dying companies because it'll wreck, a few years back Tesla and Elon Musk was literarily in the gutters, AMC nearly shut down due to covid-19, but then these are periods that necessarily happens to a project. Iresspective of the fact that crypto isn't comparable to real-time ventures.

Human actions gives it the value it has, we can't keep expecting every crypto projects to be all "money and more money", blockchain technology is only in its earliest stages and when we fail to build with projects with prospects because the money isn't huge, we risk the opportunity to reap the dividends of the future, a billionaire isn't made, he's built by sacrifices and smart long-termed choices.


I remember jumping into the crypto world then and having this mindset that I want to get rich quick within few months. Though I was disappointed and I feel like it was my urge of greed that was strong

Nothing good ever comes easy my friend, good fortunes that last most of the time requires dedication, patience and persistence.