Advertising does not sell (Marketing)

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For a long time an axiom has been applied that has become a paradigm for those who work in the area of marketing and advertising, it says "Advertising sells".

The false expectation has been created in the client to whom advertising services are offered that the mere fact of promoting your products at different scales, according to the economic scope that you have, will provide an effective return on your investment in a short time and will generate good profits.

They even take as an example to manipulate the customer's psyche the success of large chains that supposedly have followed the basic rule proposed by investing a high percentage in advertising and expecting it to do the rest.

In countries where the economy does not reach globalizing levels of expansion, of slower or less exploited economies, which depend to a great extent on the world market of big corporations or franchises, local merchants live dreaming of the mirage of obtaining great profits that will catapult them to those levels and these are the easiest prey of the snake charmers who assure them that this will only be possible, supported by advertising.



Certainly and it is elementary that advertising is the set of means used to spread or extend the news that seeks to publicize or stimulate the desire to purchase a product and that this is very important, but it carries with it obligations of those who place it for their future buyers.

This is where the advertiser forgets to explain to his advertising client that the service must be accompanied by other elements for it to work and that these depend on him and not on the agency in charge of promoting his business or product.

These are: good attention, post purchase service, cleanliness, honesty, competitive prices and above all, that it faithfully fulfills the promotion that it makes, so that the client does not feel deceived or defrauded when he visits your business or joins the service offered.

What in industrialized countries seems elementary is not so in other countries and my experience in the field, for many years in my country, has taught me that those who offer advertising in the same ignore more than they say, when offering their services and therefore become simple sellers.

This reality is not exclusive to my country, offering products fraudulently has stories all over the world, it comes to my mind those western movies where the salesman went from door to door offering drinks that served for everything.



In the midst of the technological era, when a quantum leap has been made in terms of ways to reach the customer, advertising has become an easily accessible tool and the deviations from it have become problems attached to the ignorance of those who assume that it sells and all that is needed is repetition until exhaustion to transform what is offered into a reality, without understanding that this philosophical principle does not apply in all fields, except in one where people are the ones who end up being the echo of the good or bad with what they get and who also have the free access to make it known massively.

Perhaps in other times, less active in terms of interaction, this axiom that advertising sells, had more weight but to assure it currently becomes something daring, because this is just one point among hundreds that are needed for a product or business to achieve the desired popularity.

For those who are starting in this productive career of "Advertisers" I advise them to be cautious when using this axiom that has ceased to be a paradigm in the field of marketing and advertising.


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Advertising is great and it is very important when it comes to a business making sales.. However, there are lots of other factors that must be in place for Advertising efforts to be effective... Effective Marketing is crucial for success.

When I tell people that advertising is more about market share than money, they always want to end the conversation. Well, this goes for people without a higher education or do the actual planning in the industry. The reason why market share is more important than money is because advertisers work directly for companies that can afford to trade/move goods directly. Money often gets in the way and using it can cost significantly more. This is not an absolute statement but what is, is that market share dominance means control over supply and hence demand and hence the flow of money into a market.