How to grow sprouts

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Sprouts are very common in Oriental foods and are rich in vitamins and minerals.

There are different kinds of grains, although in our country the most common and sold is that of peas, and as a curious thing these foods are mostly imported, something paradoxical given how easy it is to obtain them with a minimum of effort and materials, since only the grain and water are needed.

Among some of the other grains that are used for this are: chickpeas, lentils, Chinese beans that are also called green soybeans and that were the ones I used to teach them how to obtain them.

I must inform you that the nutritional report of these small foods that I have prepared is: proteins that contain methionine, which produces a relaxing effect, besides strengthening the nervous system and being very effective in lowering cholesterol, in addition they are rich in vitamins A, C, iron and potassium.

These can be eaten raw but to make it easier to assimilate it is preferable to do so cooked, roasted or as an ingredient of some food, the most common being rice, as it is common in the fried rice that we call Chinese, because it is they who made it popular.

Now I will explain the step by step.

1st Step

Choosing which grains we want to germinate, in this case as I said before I did it with Chinese beans or green soybeans, which are easy to get and because of their small size they yield quite a lot.


Step two

In a glass jar place these grains in the amount you want according to the size of the jar and fill it with water, letting it soak for a full night, this will speed up the process.


3rd step

Take all the water out of the container and place it anywhere you are sure you will not be attacked by an insect, cover it with a cloth so that flying insects will not spoil it and infect it, I have done it with a common one and I have perforated it so that the air circulates, the gauze used for nursing is perfect.


4th step

Already the next day you will see that they begin to come out roots to the grains, you should maintain these humid throwing water to them and taking out it to him several times to the day, in my case I have made it 3 times, it is important that one is at night since it is the longest time in which they can be dried.


5th step

Within a few days you will have sprouts of an edible height, in my case it was at 4, but you can leave them longer if you wish, it all depends on the grain used.


6th step

Take them out of the glass container and wash them well, put them in warm water and you have them ready to use the way you want. In my case I'll add them to a Chinese rice we'll make.


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