How to buy Bsteem at RobiniaSwap? (less than 200Steem)

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Hello Project Hope Community, here I am again sharing with you all a fairly simple to understand post regarding how Robinia and Metamask work. Well, I know I've written quite a bit about it and it might seem like I know everything about it, however, I don't, I recently discovered a new way to invest Bsteem in the project, without it needing to be that 200steem minimum through the bridge.

Let's be clear, not everyone has to be able to invest 200steem, but maybe if you have some balance in your Metamask wallet, let's figure $10 or $5. If we go to trade, it doesn't present us with the option to buy Bsteem, but, there is another way, and it's the one I want to share with you. Follow me😉.



At this point we are all familiar with how Metamask works, and to a large extent with the RobiniaSwap platform, but, we may have noticed that we don't have that possibility in Trade, however, don't worry, there are other ways to buy Bsteem, and make stake, if you want to invest in this project.

This will be a very visual post, then I will leave a series of images listed, which will allow you, following the numerical order to make this exchange easy and fast. You already know, just go by the numbers.

  • When you enter Metamask, you can see that it offers you several options, among them SWAP, as you can see.
  • Then you must select the currency you are going to exchange to receive Bsteem. In this case I will exchange BNB for Bsteem.
  • Once you have selected the tokens you are going to exchange (1 and 2), go to point 3 and click.
  • In point 4 it will take you to check how much Bsteem you are going to receive for that amount of BNB and in 5 you must confirm the exchange.



  • The moments shown below in the images (6 and 7) are a few seconds while the process is taking place.
  • Point 8, you can see that the Bsteem are already reflected in my Wallet, buying less than 10 $, without needing to have those 200 Steem I need to pass them through the bridge.



As always, hoping you find this post helpful.

Doubts or suggestions, in the comments. Greetings.

I authorize the use of this banner to everyone who wants to do it.

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Greetings @ josevas217
This is great news for all those who don't have the 200 Steem amount to redeem for Bsteem and want to be part of the RobiniaSwap Project.
Thank you very much for sharing

That's the idea my friend @dgalan, make it accessible to everyone.

Greetings my friend @josevas217.

You are right not all of us have that amount at the moment, it is a good option to start the project.

Thanks for sharing with everyone this publication that will help us all to invest.

This just shows that they are numerous ways to kill a rat hahaha just kidding. I love the process you just outline, I will follows it.

ha ha ha ha ha
good analogy, but it is clearly understood.

Hello @josevas217,
How wonderful that you have found and shared this alternative with all of us, surely many people will join the Robinia project at this time with the Steem they have available.

It is obvious and understandable that not all users have 200 steem available to invest, so this is a good option to invest in the project.

Thanks for sharing this publication which is very helpful for the people who wants to buy RBS coin and be part of this defi platform. You are doing fantastic work educate people about this platform so that they can start their defi journey with ease

Thank you my friend. Knowledge liberates, I think one way to help is to provide tools, rather than giving away meaningless things.

This is very great, at least it will help the people that may not be able to bridge the 200 Steem benchmark to buy BSteem with the minimum amount they have. I think many people will now be able buy a few more BSteem to add to their staking.

Nice and educative post buddy

That is what we are looking for, to be able to enter even with little capital, the figure of 200 steem can be large for many. Thanks for reading

Hello friend, a fairly simple and very timely process, many of us have not been able to get started on the project because of not being able to have the 200 steem needed to use the bridge, but this is an alternative that makes things easier. Thanks for continuing to share material on the subject.

I hope you will be able to join soon, and take advantage of the project as well as support it in another way. Best regards.

Greetings dear friend @josevas217, I note that it is a very simple process and opens opportunities for those users who have the amount of steem enough, I have also noted that the platform has decreased the commission charge for contributing to 1% which is favorable.

See you later, have a great week.

I had not noticed the 1% declines until recently which improves the opportunity to enter.

Hi @josevas217
Thanks for finding time to create this informative post about this because i was really confused while trying to do mine.

It's understandable, it can be confusing at first, but once you get it done, you can move on to other more complex things.

[email protected], thanks for your explanation . I will try following the procedure when I have enough steem to carryout the task.

Thanks for sharing .

The way I explain here can really be with little capital that we could enter to make the investment. It is not necessary to have the 200steem.

Hello @josevas217!

I was actually just thinking about that and that's the way that came to my mind, yet I wasn't 100% sure if it will work or not. Thanks for making me sure about it now. I guess it is time to buy more, the price is good for buying to be fair.

Thanks for sharing!

The way I explain here can really be with little capital that we could enter to make the investment. It is not necessary to have the 200steem.

hello @josevas217, you have explained it thoroughly in simple words.
Thank you for sharing : )

Thank you for commenting

Thank you, it is really very useful because there are processes that with this visual support that you show us become much simpler. Robinia's Swap is really a very good option.

Hello! You have really made it very simple just as a teacher teach in class. At least those having the required amount can now follow the steps.

Thanks alot for your simplicity.

Thank you very much for commenting. I think there are some things that should not be complicated, like this one. It is simple to see, and to do. Greetings.

Wow this is very interesting post, I have learned somethings from your post especially the clear bullet points you started above. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

 3 months ago 

Dear @josevas217

Let me start with saying: thanks for sharing link to this post with me.

Thanks for sharing another valuable tutorial. I surely found it helpful :)

Have a great weekend ahead,
Cheers, Piotr

THat's nice. After swapping for Bsteem you go to the Robiniawap site to stake right?

Hello @josevas217, I can see that you are up to date with the Robinia project, I find the alternative you present very interesting, thank you very much for sharing it with us.

 3 months ago 

hi @josevas217

I've small question related to liquidity pools and impermanent loss.

I'm trying to wrap my head around it and based on my understanding:

  • currently price of RBS is 0.2$
  • I would add my funds to liquidity pool (pair RBS-BUSD) in relation: 1000 usd / 1000 usd

in that case I would need 5000 RBS tokens and 1000 usd worth od BUSD. Is that correct?

Now, what would happen if price of RBS would:
a) scenario one: RBS would drop down to 0.1$ (50% drop)
b) scenario two: RBS would go up to 0.4% (100% increase)

I presume that the moment I exit liquidity pool, then I would end up still with 1000usd worth of BUSD, but amount of RBS tokens would be different.
Now, my question is: how many RBS tokens would I have at the end of the day (depending on the scenario).

Enjoy your weekend buddy,
Yours, Piotr

Hi @crypto.piotr
This is an interesting question. And to which I don't have an exact answer, I particularly had an experience almost a year and a half ago, in which it happened that the coin dropped considerably in price and I had it in a PAR LP, with BUSD. The detail there was that the amount of BUSD decreased slightly, but the amount of the other token simply increased, but that was because the price had dropped a lot. Now, in case the price goes up, I don't know what would happen, I must assume that the quantity of the stable coin will remain the same, but the other token will decrease in quantity because its price increased.
But I don't have a concrete answer, just speculations.

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