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Hello friends of this platform, I hope you are having a great Sunday and that next week will be full of great achievements. Today I want to talk about something that I consider important to discuss, since we are so many who make life in this community, there are some points that are necessary to know to achieve a better evolution within the platform in general and in this community.

It is known that this platform provides the opportunity to generate economic benefits in the form of cryptocurrencies that can be converted into FIAT money, for many it is usually an additional income, for others the main income and even for others the only one. For this reason, there will be those who publish every day, up to two or more times a day...Now, I wonder: what is the right number of publications per day?



How could we establish that margin? I'm not the one to establish it, but, based on some approaches that I bring next, I think we could deduce some things.


Those who know how this platform works know that VOTING POWER, being at 100% has a maximum of 10 votes a day, to bring it to 80%. Since each vote decreases 2%, this means that we can give 40 votes at 50% or 80 votes at 25%, it all depends on the order we want to give.
But in this aspect I am referring to the finite nature of our voting power, but at the same time (even though it sounds incongruous), we can continue voting the next day because in the same way this power is reproduced, every two hours we can have back that 2% that was consumed with a 100% vote.

In view of this reality of the finite and infinite of voting power, it is that in most communities you cannot permanently vote twice a day for the same user, and many times you cannot vote every day either. Since the intention is to support the majority, and only by making good use of the voting power can be achieved.


Unless it is with low percentage votes, and the idea is that it is a good benefit, and that it is for everyone.


Something that must necessarily be considered as a priority is the commitment that we acquire for the other users. It is NOT about I already published now I am voted, no, the idea is that there is interaction, this is what really Builds Community.

Since we have to put quantity over quality, it is not logical to publish so many times a day, at least not in the same community, since many curators may even see that as an abuse.

I particularly find it a bit difficult to create quality content several times a day, even with exclusive dedication, at least it's a personal view, I could be wrong, the best thing is to write quality over quantity.

To say goodbye, I must say that in these platforms there are no absolute rules, only some that must be respected, such as avoiding presenting content that is not yours as if it were, for example, but beyond this, what I propose in this publication are personal thoughts with which they may or may not agree, and it is respectable.

In addition, each community has its peculiarities, its game rules, to call it something, and that it is important to know them before publishing in them, there are some that only support one language, others in which that does not limit, but, as in everything, we must know where we stand to avoid falling into failures.

For now the invitation is that whatever community you wish to participate in, there must be a minimum of commitment and respect, to offer the best in quality over quantity.

Excellent week for everyone.

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

I authorize the use of this banner to everyone who wants to do it.


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I have always believed there should be a balance between the amounts of quality post created either per day or weekly and also one must value the place of engagement and interaction also on the platform

Yes @mandate, the level of commitment is something that has to be evaluated, because publishing and not supporting anyone with a comment even has no logic.

 3 months ago 

Hello dear friend, @josevas217.

Quality vs Quantity ... the eternal dilemma.

I know cases of users who make up to 6 publications a day, and I wonder: how do they do it?
That is, how can someone have the mental capacity and the time available to concentrate and produce 6 quality publications?

You raise a very interesting point: we can all determine5 the amount of daily publications we want to do, but we can do them in different communities, since it is not possible for curators to support all that amount of post since we must try to support the largest amount of authors.

Great post.

6 publications in a day? in the same community would be crazy, but yes, I see them too, and it doesn't make sense, besides there is not even a comment in any publication, they are only looking for votes, and although we all want good votes, creating community is about something else.

Thanks for the comment friend @juanmolina

Hello friend @josevas217 very good your publication, I think you make very clear certain basic rules that we should all follow, I agree that we must make quality publications, many people are wrong about it and believe that publishing 5 times a dic will receive much more help.

Thank you for commenting @franyeligonzalez
I hope I have been quite clear with what I have stated, it was the intention.

Hello friend josevas217, excellent publication, if we talk about quantity and quality, without a doubt I stay with the quality, although it is a very controversial subject that can hurt susceptibilities. Another point that you mention and with which I agree is with the commitment, since, it allows to generate interaction and empathy between the users, for that reason we are in a social network.

Thank you for sharing your perception, with which I agree, until you have a great week

good article, one of the most important things is that the communities are to have support between the members as much to vote as to comment and to make that a small content is complemented with the comments and thus to create a great article between all.

 3 months ago 

Dear @josevas217

Finally I managed to find some time to catch up with reading previously bookmarked posts before they reach 7 days :)
Solid piece of read buddy. As always.

Now, I wonder: what is the right number of publications per day?

Good question. And I think it all depends on our goals. Surely if our goal is to create content, which others do actually read - then posting even once every day may be to much.
After all, how can we expect that someone out there will be willing to invest 10-15 min of his/her time to read our posts every day.

Enagement is also important for similar reason: how could we expect others to read our publications if we're not doing it ourselfs? It's simple as that.

Have a great sunday :)
Yours, Piotr

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